3) Create a Timeline

1) On the Variant screen, select the + icon, located under the Timeline heading.

2) In the Create Timeline pop-up, enter the details for the timeline.

3) In the Display Name field, enter a display name.

4) When you enter a display name, the Name field is automatically populated to match the Display Name field. This can be changed if needed.

5) From the Type drop down, select Metadata. This lets you associate the metadata schema with the timeline.

6) From the Group drop down, select a group (this is optional).

7) From the Metadata Schema drop down, select the metadata definition that you want to associate with the timeline.

8) Click Create.

9) When the timeline has been created, an eye icon is present under the Timeline column. A number is also present next to this icon. The number tells you how many timelines are associated with that particular variant. If you click on the eye, you’ll see the details for each timeline.

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