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Setting default tile thumbnails

Collections, edits, image assets, and group assets will be assigned a default image for visualization. A default can be set for the account. To define a custom image, follow these steps:

1) In the top right corner, click on the user profile to reveal the settings option.

2) From the drop-down, click the Settings option.

3) You will be presented with the Settings page. Select the Custom Style option as shown here.

4) You will see the default thumbnail that has been set for each tile. Click the Set image for link under the chosen tile.

5) A pop up for the image upload will appear.

6) Select, or drag the file you would like to set as the default and then click Upload.

7) This image will now be updated on all the relevant tiles.

8) To reset the default image, select the Reset image link under the respective tile. The tiles will be uploaded with the MAM default image.

Screen Resolution

The minimum browser window resolution for MAM is 1366 x 768.

Tip: If your screen resolution or browser dimensions are lower that the minimum supported for MAM. You can try entering fullscreen mode (f12) or press ‘control and -’ (PC), ‘Command and -’ (Mac) to zoom out.

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