An asset is an object that represents a media file and its metadata, which is managed by Ooyala Flex.

Asset types

MAM currently supports the following asset types:

  • Media assets
  • Group assets
  • Image assets

Uploading an Asset

To upload an asset to MAM, follow these steps:

1) On the Top toolbar, click Upload.

2) The Web Uploader will open in another tab in the browser.

3) In the Web Uploader window, click the Upload button.

4) In the Upload pop-up, click the Add File(s) button.

5) In the dialog box, select the file you wish to upload, and then click Open.

6) From the Inbox drop down, select the inbox you would like to deliver the asset.

7) From the Workspace drop down, select the workspace that you would like the asset to be stored.

8) When you have finished specifying the details for the upload, click OK.

9) The file will then upload to MAM.

10) If there is metadata associated with the asset, the metadata pop-up will appear. Fill in the metadata, and click Save.

11) Newly added assets in MAM, will appear in the New Assets carousel on the MAM browse page. Once you have uploaded some assets, you can organise them into collections so that they are easier to work with.

Downloading an Asset

You can download an asset straight from the Asset Summary panel. To download an asset, simply click the download link below the player.

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