You can use the Ooyala Flex Query Language (FQL) to carry out complex searches in MAM. The MAM search bar recommends query parameters which can be used to either narrow or widen a search.

Example: if you type "an" a list of search options containing that phrase appears below the search bar. In the example below, you can see that the suggestions relate to searching around annotations.

To select a suggestion from the drop down, follow these steps:

Note: The suggestions in the FQL drop down use aliases. For example: if you select comments.Id from the list, it appears as "id" in the search box.

1) Start typing a phrase. When you see the suggestion you wish to use click on it, or press Enter.

2) The suggestion appears in the search box.

3) Enter a value to complete the query. For example: you could search for assets that are associated with a tag called "cars".

4) Press Enter or click to run the search.


If the syntax you have entered contains an error, the error is highlighted in red.

When the error has been corrected it turns back to grey.

FQL Examples

The FQL allows you to carry out a variety of searches. You can combine a number of different operators and query parameters in order to create search queries.

Here are some examples:

Search for assets that are associated with one or more tags:

  • tag="car"
  • "tag"= car  AND  "tag"=transportation
  • "tag"= car  OR  "tag"=transportation

Search for assets that contain two different tags and have an asset origin of import:

  • ("tag"= car  OR  "tag"= transportation) AND "assetOrigin"= import
  • ("tag"= car  OR transportation) AND "assetOrigin"= import

Search for an asset by ID and that is associated with a specific tag:

  • id"= 86153 AND "tag" = car

Search for a comment:

  • "message"=  this is a comment

Search for a description:

  • "description"= The Great Adventure is a film about a man who

Search for assets by file format:

  • "format"= MP4
  • "format"=MP4 OR "format"=FLV
  • "format"=MP4 AND "format"=FLV
  • "format"=MP4 OR FLV

Search for assets by codec:

  • "codec"=  DivX

Searching for an asset by specifying the account ID:

  • accountId= 123456
Note: For more information about FQL, please consult the main FQL guide.

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