Creating Review Sessions

Using the Uploader to send an Asset for review

If you wish to set up a review session, you can do so via the Web Uploader in the main Ooyala Flex console. When you do this, you can specify all of the details for the review session, such as:

  • The name of the session.
  • The users that you wish to assign as reviewers of the asset.
  • Any external people you wish to add as read-only reviewers.
  • Any overall comments about the review session that you wish to add.
  • When the session will expire.
  • Whether you want to allow the reviewers to download the asset for viewing locally on their machines.

There are a two methods in which to set up a review session. You can create a review session during an upload of an asset in Core, or by navigating to an existing asset in Core.

Creating a Review Session for an Existing Asset

To create a review session for an existing asset, follow these steps:

1) In the main Ooyala Flex console, navigate to an asset of your choice.

2) Double-click on the asset card, and you will be taken to the Asset Details screen.

3) On the power bar, above the Asset Details section, click the Open Session Action.

4) In the Create Open Session Jobs pop-up, specify the review session details, such as the reviewers who will be in the session, the session name, when the session will expire, and so on.

5) When you have enter the details for your review session, click the Run Now option.

6) The review session is then created. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the review session will be ready.

Creating a Review Session During a Upload

To create a review session, follow these steps:

1) In the main Ooyala Flex console, open the Web Uploader, and click the Upload button.

2) In the pop up, click the Add File(s) button.

3) In the dialog box, select the file(s) you wish to upload, and click Open.

As an alternative, you can simply drag the file into the Upload window.

4) In the pop up, select the inbox and workspace for the asset from the respective fields, and click OK. The file will then start to upload in the background.

5) In the Select Destination section, fill in the destination details e.g. production, series, episode, version. Then in the Metadata section, if applicable, fill in any metadata details for the asset.

6) Next, in the Review section, select the Send for Review checkbox.

7) In the Session Name field, enter a name for your review session.

8) In the Session Expiry Period field, select an expiry period. For example: you would select 3 Days if you wanted the session to expire within 3 days.

9) In the Add Reviewers field, you can add reviewers to your session. To add a reviewer, simply start typing the name of the reviewer you wish to add, and then select the name from the lookup.

10) Click the Add icon, and the reviewer will be added.

11) In the Comment field, you can write a comment about the review session, for your reviewers to read. If you select the Record this comment check box, your comment will be recorded in Ooyala Flex.

12) If you select the Allow Download check box, you will give your reviewers the ability to download the asset that they are reviewing.

13) When you have finished specifying the details for your review session, click Save.

View-Only Reviews

A View-Only Review is when a someone has been assigned as a reviewer of an asset, but is unable to post comments against that asset. These are usually external parties, such as a user who is not part of your organization, and so, does not have access to Ooyala Flex.

In order to add an external user as a reviewer, simply add their email address, when selecting the reviewers you wish to add to the session.

Then, any external reviewers you have specified will be sent an email containing a link. When they click this link, they will be taken to the review session.

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