The Interface

When you have logged in, the Reviewer browse page is displayed as shown below. In the browse page, you can see all the review sessions that are in a New, Active, or Finished/Expired state separated into different carousels.

The Top Toolbar

At the top of the landing page, a toolbar is displayed.

This toolbar contains a number of useful features, as follows:

The Search Bar: Use the search bar to search for review sessions. To perform a search, enter a keyword into the search bar.

Home: Click the Home icon to be brought back to the browse page, from wherever you currently are in Reviewer.

Profile Picture: On the top right-hand corner, your profile picture is displayed. If you click this picture a drop down menu is displayed, where you can access the Settings section, or sign out of Reviewer.



Each review session is represented as a tile. These tiles are displayed in their respective carousels in the Reviewer browse page. The tile displays the date of expiry of the review.


When you click on a review session tile, a review session summary panel is displayed. This panel contains the Information tab, the Comments tab, and the Review option.

The Information tab: This tab displays various details about the review session, including the name of the review, any instructions that the creator of the reviewer has set, the duration of the asset, frame rate per second, the start time code, the initiator, and the session expiry date.

The Comments tab: This tab displays a list of comments that have been made against an asset. A number is displayed in the top-right corner of the Comments tab icon, which indicates how many comments have been made against the asset in total.

Review: The Review option is located at the bottom of the panel. When you click this option, you are taken to the review session associated with that asset.

Review Session Status

Review sessions can exist in two different states, as follows:

New: A "New" review session has just been created. When a review session is “New”, it is displayed in the New carousel.

Active: An "Active" review session is currently in progress, which means that you have started reviewing the asset.
Note: An asset is only displayed as “Active” to users who have started reviewing. The review session is not displayed as "Active" to users who have not started to review the asset.
When a review is in an “Active” state, you can leave the review, and return to it at any time and continue the review.

Reviews expire when their time limit has run out: for example, the person who sets up your review session might set the expiry period at 14 days, which means that you only have 14 days in which to submit your review. The expiry date applies to all users associated with the review session. The review session will go into an “Expired” state regardless of whether a user has completed the review. Finished and expired reviews are not displayed, but can still be accessed in Core, from the Review drop down in the Asset tab.

Status Carousels

Each carousel on the Browse page represents the status of the review sessions: for example, if a review session is “Active”, it is displayed in the Active carousel.

The carousels are as follows:

  • New carousel: Any newly set up review sessions will appear here.
  • Active carousel: Any review sessions that you are currently taking part in will appear here.
Note: For each carousel, you can scroll back and forth using the Back and Forward arrows located at the top-right corner of each carousel.
Note: You can also view all of the review sessions in each of the respective carousels on one page, by clicking the See All link.

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