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Ooyala Flex is a media logistics platform that streamlines video production and distribution. With asset and metadata management plus workflow orchestration in a single platform, Ooyala Flex eliminates inefficiencies in your media operations, so you can scale your business and grow your revenue. Ooyala Flex is platform, format, and user interface neutral which means it can be used across a wide range of business functions and industries, and you can create custom interfaces or plug Ooyala Flex into existing platforms. For an overview, see Media Logistics.

Hot Topics

  • Temporal Metadata: Timelines in MAM now allow you to mark an event at the point in a video where it occurs, and to enter metadata to describe that event.
  • Dynamic Timelines: Multiple timelines can be configured for any given asset category, with each timeline representing specific metadata. Related timelines can be grouped to appear as a single track when exposed in MAM. Timelines must be configured in Metadata Designer.
  • Object Hierarchy Management: User defined hierarchical structures can now be managed in MAM. This allows you to view, navigate, and create metadata instances that reflect data strctures, in a visual / interactive panel.
  • End of Review: A new configuration has been added to the Start Session plugins, to enable you to customize the status buttons for the end of the review session. More than just Review/Approve, you can now have custom statuses like ‘Approve', ‘Reject', ‘Publish to Social’, or ‘Archive'. For each button, you can choose what label is displayed, what color the button should have, and whether metadata is associated with the status that this button represents.
  • DIVArchive Video Restore: A new plugin gives the ability to either restore a whole video, or perform a partial restore.
  • Publish/Unpublish to Twitter: You can now publish a video to Twitter, with an accompanying tweet - or unpublish a video from Twitter.

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