Use the Ad API to link an asset to an ad, add one or more ads of supported format to a goal, target ads to specific device groups, or set a different start/end date than the one set for the goal. Also use the Ad API to retrieve performance metrics for the ads.
Note: Uploaded assets that have not been linked to an ad expire after 24 hours. Querying for expired assets returns a 404 (Not Found) error.

Getting Started

  • Base URL:
    • Ad Requests:
    • Device Container Requests:
  • Requests: GET, POST, PUT and PATCH requests are used. You pass parameters by using common REST parameters like PATH and QUERY, as well as HTTP HEADERS. The body of the requests should be provided in JSON format and encoded using UTF-8.
  • Responses: All responses contain an HTTP status code in the header and the body is in JSON format.
  • Swagger documentation:
  • Related user documentation:

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