Getting Started

Base URL

The base URL for the Booking API is


GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests are all used, although most tasks can be accomplished with just GET and POST. You pass parameters by using common REST parameters like PATH, QUERY, and MATRIX, as well as HTTP HEADERS.

The body of the requests should be provided in XML format and encoded using UTF-8.

You generally retrieve lists of resources by making a GET request to:


You generally retrieve specific resources by making a GET request and adding matrix parameters like "id":



All responses contain an HTTP status code in the header and the body is in XML format.

Important Observation

When we introduced the CPV (cost-per-view) and CPC (cost-per-click) features in Pulse, a set of new endpoints were created to support the additional functionality. Now, all endpoints under also exist under and they work the same way, except for the following:
  • In the create/update goal request body, the parameter budget has been replaced with two parameters, pricingModel and pricingValue:
    • pricingValue is a number
    • pricingModel can be one of: NO_PRICING, BUDGET, CPM, CPMV_25, CPMV_50, CPMV_75, CPMV_100, and CPC
  • The parameter type can contain the values SHARE_OF_VOICE, IMPRESSION, UNLIMITED_IMPRESSION, FIRST_QUARTILE, SECOND_QUARTILE, THIRD_QUARTILE, COMPLETE, CLICK_THROUGH, which correspond to all the goal types available in Pulse UI.
Note: If you are using all existing goal types in Pulse, you need to use the endpoints under For more information, refer to Goal.

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