Campaign Management APIs

The Campaign Management APIs include endpoints for sucessfully booking a campaign with goals and ads, as well as managing any campaign and goal targeting rules.

Refer to Tutorial: Create a Campaign for more information on the API calls required to successfully book a campaign.

The Campaign Management APIs also include a series of performance endpoints, which are meant to quickly retrieve performance metrics and information for your campaigns, goals and ads. These endpoints allow you to build your own interfaces to view the information in your account.

Take the following considerations into account when using to the Performance REST API endpoints:
  • The Performance endpoints give you quick access to the data collected for your campaigns, goals and ads, with only an ingestion delay of one hour.
  • The Performance endpoints provide totals for the requested metrics. If you need a breakdown of the metrics based on time, like for each month, then use the Custom Reporting API.
  • The Performance endpoints provide the metrics described in the endpoints for the campaigns, goals and ads. If you require other metrics, then use the Custom Reporting API.
Table 1. Campaign Management APIs Overview
API component API operations Description
Campaign API Use the Campaign API to define general settings for the campaign and retrieve performance metrics for the campaign and its associated goals and ads. Give the campaign a name, associate it with a client, set the campaign priority, delivery mode and targeting rules. You can then add goals and ads through endpoints described further down in the table.
Goal API A goal is a schedule or placement that determines the delivery of your ads. Use the Goal API to define, for example, how many impressions should be delivered, at what frequency, how they appear in ad breaks, the targeting rules, the start/end date of the campaign and to retrieve perfomance metrics for the goals. You can have multiple goals in a campaign if you, for example, need to reach different target audiences, or deliver during different time periods. You can then add ads through endpoints described further down in the table.
Asset API Assets refer to creative files that you need to associate with your ads. Use the Asset API to upload and retrieve video assets and other assets, such as ad images and flash files.
Ad API Use the Ad API to link an asset to an ad, add one or more ads of supported format to a goal, target ads to specific device groups, and set a different start/end date than the one set for the goal. Also use the Ad API to retrieve performance metrics for the ads.
Performance API Use the Performance API to quickly access the data collected for your campaigns, goals and ads.

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