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Optimise your ad revenue and make the most of your growing audience with Ooyala Video Adverstising Products. Ooyala’s ad management and programmatic trading tools are designed specifically to help broadcasters and publishers run their video ad businesses. For an overview, see Video Advertising.

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Revised and updated Ooyala Pulse Integration Developer Guide

In the new integration developer guide, we have restructured the information, so new-comers to the information are greeted with our Integration and Validation Process first, a crucial part to any successful integration between your video player and Pulse. The structure also reflects our recommended order of integration types with the most recommended types at the top. The introduction page to the integration developer guide, explains clearly when to use what type of integration and reiterates over the recommendations. Where needed, more information has been added to better help developers with their integrations.

Simulation Adjustments in Forecasting

Simulation adjustments enable you to factor in significant anticipated or past traffic deviations in your forecasts. For example, if you published videos that caused a significant increase in traffic compared to your normal traffic, then this extra traffic is going to influence all forecasts. To compensate for this traffic deviation, you mark the extra traffic in a simulation adjustment and the forecasting engine then compensates for it.

Note: these adjustments affect ALL aspects of forecasting, including the campaign progress bar, Campaign, and Inventory simulations.

New higher level SDKs, called Pulse SDKs

Pulse SDK is the name of a range of SDKs, which simplifies integrating a video player application with Ooyala Pulse for ad serving significantly. The Pulse SDKs define a strict and simple communication protocol, allowing developers to quickly build simple event driven integrations. The Pulse SDKs automatically manage:
  • ad tracking,
  • error handling,
  • passbacks for 3rd party ads,
  • and prompting the video player to play ads.
Pulse SDKs are available for:
  • Android, to integrate in your native Android application.
  • iOS, to integrate in your native iOS application.
  • tvOS, to integrate in your native tvOS application.
  • HTML5, to integrate in your web based player, which can run on any platform through a web browser.

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If you are looking for primers on using Ooyala's Video Advertising Products, we have a number of video tutorials with tips, tricks and how-tos. View the video tutorials at Ooyala Training Videos.

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