Player HTML5 APIs (Player V2 Deprecated)

Player/Player UI HTML5 APIs can be used to handle aspects of the player.

Player Functions

Note: Ooyala Player V2 has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.

The following table describes all the HTML5 methods that are associated with a player. For an example using all of these HTML5 APIs, see the topic Query String and Pass-Through Parameter Examples.

Function Description

Set the embedCode for the current player.

Type: String


<input type=button value="Change Embed Code" onclick="setEmbedCode()"/>

Set the playhead to a new location in seconds with millisecond accuracy.

Type: Number


   function setPlayheadTime() {

Related Information

The following list provides links to Backlot documentation that provides some general information about players.

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