The Ooyala Video Platform offers a modular, full-featured solution for live streaming and video-on-demand assets. Use the Ooyala Video Platform suite of technologies and services to implement your monetization strategies, obtain incredibly detailed viewer analytics, and easily integrate into your existing workflows. For an overview, see Ooyala Video Platform.

What's New

  • 2017-Mar-13 ReleaseThis release includes the new Conviva Analytics plugin, compatibility added for new Chrome v58 requirements, and enhancements for My Ads, Google IMA, and Discovery.
  • 2017-Feb-17 ReleasePlayer V4 maintenance release fixes adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) performance issues associated with the Bitmovin Video Plugin for DASH and HLS.
  • 2017-Feb-03 ReleaseSupport for integrating Player V4 with Facebook Instant Articles.
  • 2017-Jan-30 ReleasePlayer V4 Web release v4.11.13 adds support for delivering My Ads associated with a video in Backlot, along with additional configuration options for the Pulse plug-in, playlists, and the Share screen.
  • 2017-Jan-26 ReleaseOoyala Mobile SDKs now provide volume getter and setter methods.
  • 2017-Jan-12 ReleaseOoyala Live release v2.6.0 includes segment snapping (when trimming Live to VOD) and notification enhancements.
  • 2016-12-22 Release — Includes mobile SDK enhancements for download to own (DTO) and download to rent (DTR), Player V4 support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a new REST API to query the ingestion log for Ooyala Ingestion Services (OIS) v2.5, and a deprecation notice for the Discovery Insights weekly email report.

New to Ooyala

If you are new to Ooyala or just trying to do a task for the first time, it should be easy to find what you need from our new menus.

Getting Started To get started with Video Platform, see the User Guide for introductions to the topics. And don't forget the new Ooyala Lookup on all the page footers for quick links to many important topics.

Developer docs from APIDOCS and DOWNLOADS

With the new Help Center links to Ooyala API Docs and Ooyala Downloads, it should be easy to find what you need. Also, see the Developer Guide for details on how to develop for the Ooyala Video Platform.

Ooyala Player V4

Player V4 is the latest version of the Ooyala video player. You can see a preview of the player at http://www.ooyala.com/resources/video-player and can check out the developer documentation at Player V4.

New Live Portal

Ooyala now offers a self-service portal that enables you to quickly setup and deliver TV channels, Live TV channels, as well as live ad-hoc and scheduled events with live-to-VOD recordings. For more information, see Live User Guide.


Ooyala IQ

Ooyala IQ is Ooyala’s Video Analytics product built on top of our reliable, robust, and scalable big data architecture. Video Analytics provides real-time analytics as well as multi-dimensional analytics capability to give a full 360-degree view of video consumption and engagement patterns. It is a major upgrade to the existing Ooyala Analytics product and will be available for all Ooyala customers at no additional cost. You can now use Ooyala IQ to gather analytics from your third-party (non-Ooyala) players. See Using Ooyala IQ with Third-Party Players for details about how to get started.

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