Master videos cannot be streamed directly on the Internet; they must be converted or transcoded first.

The transcoding process takes the master files and converts them into one or more compressed streams or encodes which can be played on different devices.

Your viewers will view your content on many different device types, in different countries, under different circumstances, and over different connections where the bandwidth varies widely. One of the key challenges with streaming video is finding the right balance of bitrate (amount of bits in one second of video) and resolution (amount of pixels in a second of video) for each viewer’s connection and device.

When determining which encodes to create, consider the following:

  • Playback environment
  • Security requirements
  • Playback quality, and its associated operational costs

When you first set up an account with Ooyala, you work with us to decide which encodings will meet your requirements. Once decided, either Technical Support or your Customer Success Manager will set them up.

The group of encodes assigned to your account constitute your account’s processing profile.

Once a processing profile is set, it is locked unless you require a change. Changes made to the Processing Profile are not applied to videos transcoded before the change; they only affect future uploads. If you need to make encoding changes to existing videos, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Support.

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