Ooyala Live Overview

Ooyala Live is a tool for distributing live and prerecorded video content online. The workflow, in summary, is that you create a channel, create a schedule for the channel, and add events to the schedule. When you run the channel, it distributes the content associated with each event. You can configure channels to distribute content in a variety of formats over a variety of content distribution networks, as well as to Facebook. Ooyala Live is designed to work closely with video content from Ooyala Backlot, ads from Ooyala Pulse.

With Ooyala Live you can:
  • Quickly set up and deliver ad-hoc events with zero configuration, DVR capabilities and archive options, and reduced operational costs.
  • Completely control and set up linear and scheduled events with pre/post event management and trimming, scheduling, and real time clipping.
  • Handle all live streaming and VOD within the same platform.

Ooyala Live provides you with a streamlined workflow that provides you with full control and monitoring insights, allowing you to personalize your content in a robust programming workflow that helps you deliver targeted ads, personalized channels, and simulated live programming. Ooyala Live is integrated with Ooyala Backlot for full asset management, analytics, monetization, and Player/Theme Builder customization.

Ooyala Live is a single administration console that drastically reduces the time it takes to provision, program, and distribute live streams, whether for an ad-hoc event, a planned event, or scheduled linear programming. The platform includes self-service support for worldwide live acquisition and distribution through CDNs, enabling Live-to-VOD conversion, and DVR capabilities.

The workflow manages the live channel/event provisioning pipeline, including transcoding, packaging, content encryption and protection, CDN integration, Backlot assets, and monitoring the health of the live streams. Ooyala Live handles this for you while abstracting the complexity of using disparate partners such as Microsoft, Akamai, and iStreamPlanet, enabling a single look and feel across deployments.

The following formats are supported:
Format DRM Support
HLS HLS + PlayReady (Discretix)

HLS + PlayReady (Apple: Safari and iOS Devices)

HLS + FairPlay

Encrypted HLS

HDS HDS + Adobe Access
DASH DASH CENC Widevine Modular


Smooth Stream Smooth Stream + PlayReady
Note: If your transcoding is running on Azure, refer to Azure Support in Delivery Methods for supported delivery formats.


In order to use Ooyala Live you must have a Ooyala Backlot account. The account must have remote assets and EPG enabled in the package.

For information on establishing a Ooyala Live account, contact your account manager.

Logging into Ooyala Live

Log into Ooyala Live using your Backlot credentials on a desktop machine using one of the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)


The Live API is a RESTful API. For API reference documentation, see http://apidocs.ooyala.com/live_api/index.html.

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