Usage RESTful API

The Usage RESTful API allows you to retrieve usage statistics for your Ooyala account. See the Usage REST API Reference Documentation for a list of routes.
Note: Usage is very different from Ooyala Billing and Ooyala Analytics (see Analytics API References).
  • You can also see usage statistics in Backlot on the Usage subtab under the ACCOUNT tab, as described in Viewing Usage Metrics.
  • You can see the statistics for any metrics for which Ooyala is collecting activity metrics for your account.
Note: The API routes in the Usage API are estimated representations of data utilization and may not match billed usage. Depending on your Ooyala customer account, you might be billed for certain usage activity but not for others. The Ooyala server stores usage statistics in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), while the Ooyala Billing System calculates usage statistics according to your configured time zone in Backlot.


You can pass the metrics below when requesting a report. Requests will return usage statistics if they are being collected for your account. For all metrics besides vod_transcoded_time, you may include the query parameter includeSubAccounts and set that equal to true, in order to track sub-accounts.
Metric Description
vod_bytes_delivered Delivered total number of bytes of VOD content that was delivered to players, content data networks, or some other destination. Ooyala calculates totals within 24-48 hours after the fact. Note that the Usage sub-tab in Backlot displays this value in GB.
live_bytes_delivered Total number of gigabytes (GB) of live stream content that was delivered via Ooyala's CDN to players, content data networks, or some other destination. Statistics are calculated on a daily basis. Note that the Usage sub-tab in Backlot displays this value in GB.
Note: This usage metric appears only if you use Akamai as your CDN for Live Delivery.
streams Number of times the playback of your content was started (not necessarily completed). For example, if a viewer starts and drops out, this activity still counts as a stream.
vod_transcoded_time Sum of the lengths of all VOD videos (in minutes) multiplied by the number of versions (encodings) produced by Ooyala's transcoding system. Ooyala calculates this metric after the end of each calendar month for the preceding month. This is why this statistic is always zero (0) when the current month is selected. Otherwise, a value of zero usually means that there was no transcoding for the selected month or, if your Ooyala account is new, it can simply represent the set-up time before transcoding begins.
live_transcoding_time The length in minutes of the live to VOD conversion of a single bit rate file by the Live platform. VOD Transcoding minutes may not be used in connection with the Live platform and shall be subject to separate usage based pricing and charges as set forth in your Contract.
live_packaging_time The sum of the lengths of all live channels and/or events (in minutes) to package content in.

Period and Report Routes

Both period and report routes allow you to retrieve reports on billing metrics within a specified time period. They specify time periods differently:
  • The period routes use fixed periods of time: day, week, month, quarter, and year.
  • The report routes uses a specific date range.
In general, period routes are recommended for most use cases. Use report routes to specify a time period that is not supported by period routes.
Type Period
day yyyy-MM-dd
week yyyy-WW (where WW is the number of the week - a number from 0 to 53)
month yyyy-MM
quarter yyyy-QX (where X is the number of the quarter - a number from 1 to 4)
year yyyy

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