Chromecast Receiver Stream Selection

The Chromecast receiver player selects a stream format based on selection logic and your processing profile settings.

Note: You need to ask Ooyala Technical Support to enable an HLS , MP4, and/or Smooth processing profile for Chromecast for your account.

If your processing profile is set for Smooth, HLS, and MP4, the content will be returned on the receiver by default based on the following availability hierarchy: Smooth > HLS > MP4. If available on the processing profile, Smooth is returned by default. Based on the processing profile, if Smooth is not available, HLS is returned, and if HLS is not available, MP4 is returned. You can change the default behavior by asking Ooyala Technical Support to modify your processing profile. For example, if you only wanted your content returned as HLS or MP4, request a processing profile with only HLS and MP4.

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