Live Streams

Live streaming is the delivery of video content in real time.

Note: Live streaming using this method is no longer supported. Live streaming requires that you have an Ooyala Live account. Contact your account manager for details. For more information see the Ooyala Live User Guide

Live streaming is popular for sporting and music events and is a great way to drive traffic to your site and increase awareness of your brand. Ooyala allows publishers to manage both their live and on demand video assets within the same content management system. This includes obtaining analytics on live streams, setting syndication controls for live streams, and customizing / branding a live player. In addition, we support adaptive bit rate (ABR) live streaming, the ability to monetize your live streams using 3rd party ad networks and servers, and the ability to monetize your live streams using paywalls.

Live streams consist of content creation and encoding, content delivery through a CDN, and content consumption through Internet-connected devices. Backlot manages the set up, publishing rules, and monetization of your live streams.

To set up a live stream with Ooyala, you only need a video camera, an Internet connection, and an encoder. Popular encoders include hardware encoders such as Inlet Spinnaker HD and software encoders such as Flash Media Live (free).


If live streaming is not enabled on your account, contact Sales, your Customer Success Manager, or Technical Support.

Live streaming does not support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).

For general encoding information that you can use to choose live stream encodings, see Transcoding Setup.

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