Ooyala Live Clipping to MAM

Ooyala Live Clipping is a new feature release to clip extracts from a Live video stream and use them as independent video assets.

How to use this feature in Channels:

  1. Each customer needs a Flex profile:

  2. In OoyalaLive, create an S3 profile with the following:
    • Key
    • Secret Key
    • Flex S3 bucket

      This profile is specific to the Ooyala Flex deployment.

  3. In the OoyalaLive Platform, go to the CHANNELS tab and create a new channel. Enter the desired encoding and packaging settings:

  4. Start the new channel.

  5. Click on the desired channel DETAILS tab.
  6. In the next window, click on the CLIPPING tab:

  7. Enter a name and a description.
  8. Click the Start Syndication button. A warning dialog is displayed about a syndication 8-hour limit.
  9. Click the Start Syndication button in the warning dialog.
  10. When the process begins, a second button, GO TO MAM, is displayed. Click this button:

How to use this feature in Events:

  1. In Ooyala Live, click on the EVENTS tab.
  2. Add a new event. Enter your event information and click on Advanced Options.
  3. Select the Clipping to MAM option.
  4. Click ADD & START NOW:
  5. In the EVENTS tab, select the event you just created and click Details.
  6. Select the Clipping tab.
  7. Click GO TO MAM, as before.
Note: Modifying S3 storage and Flex profiles does not break existing channels or events. However, if you delete the profiles, the corresponding channels and events will not work, and will need to be recreated.

For information about handling clips in MAM, see the Edits page in the online help for MAM.

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