Delivering Live Content

From a single selfservice interface, create and update channels, schedules, eveents, playlist, and monitor channel output.

The workflow for delivering content, in summary, is that you create a channel, create a schedule for the channel, and add events to the schedule. Each event has a specific start and end time. When you run the channel, it distributes the live or prerecorded content associated with each event. You can then set up schedules for your live events, which are live video content streaming on a channel with a specific start and end time. A schedule is an EPG container for events that are streamed on a channel.


Use this page to add new schedules to create and manage your live events, and view the schedules you have created. You must first create a schedule before you can create an event.


Use this page to record your live events for playback at a later date and view every event you have created. Events must be created within an existing schedule. The events page lists all events in the past, present, and future.


Use this page to add new channels and to view all the channels you have created.

Note: Alerts are visible when you mouse over the bell icon. Each alert appears with a DETAILS button for more information.
Note: Email notifications for channels, events, schedules, and errors are now supported. To enable email notifications, hover over your login name in the upper right corner of the Live window and select Notification Settings from the menu that appears. Then, in the Notifications Settings page that opens, add comma-separated email addresses and select the notifications you want sent. Finally, at the bottom of the page, click Update Notifications. The notifications feature will begin working within approximately 15 minutes.


Use this page to create and stream playlists of prerecorded videos from Ooyala Backlot. This feature is only visible if you have had Ooyala Support or Live Ops create an encoder input profile that enables playlists.


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