Ooyala-Facebook Live Stream Integration

At the Facebook Developer's Conference held on April 12, 2016, Facebook announced its live streaming service (Facebook Live), and named Ooyala as a Media Solutions – Live Video Solutions partner. The Ooyala-Facebook live integration (ooyala.com/facebooklive) enables Ooyala Live customers to publish instantly to a Facebook page using Facebook's Live Graph API. Here is an overview:
  • The Ooyala Live platform leverages the Elemental Live encoder to push the live stream to a Facebook Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) ingest point. The stream format aligns with Facebook-recommended specifications: 720p (720x1280) at 30 frames per second, an I-frame every 2 seconds, and a bitrate of 2500 kbps.
  • Ooyala's channel-based integration uses Facebook's Live Graph API to post a live video on a Facebook user's page.

For Ooyala Live customers who subscribe to the integration service, setting up the integration involves a single extra step in the channel configurations instructions (see Setting Up a Channel). When defining packaging (choose Ooyala Package) and encoding partners for a channel, you simply click the Facebook Syndication checkbox.

An additional RTMP stream is dynamically added to your live channel when Facebook Syndication is enabled. No special profile is needed.
Note: You can enable syndication to all the Facebook pages for which your Facebook credentials have admin rights.

When you start the channel, you provide login credentials for the Facebook account you want to use, and then select a page (already created by the user in Facebook) on which you want to post the live stream. Facebook responds (behind the scenes) with the URL of the RTMP ingest point. Thereafter, the live stream appears in Facebook (the channel name becomes the title of the live stream).

Note: You can create one Facebook login for each channel you create, and you can create multiple channels. Each user having access to the channel associated with the Facebook page name listed on the Channel Details can view the channel streaming on that Facebook page. Multiple users may have access to the same Facebook login for a given channel.

Ooyala Live can also multicast an RTMP live stream to Facebook and Ooyala Players at the same time. In the Encoding setup, the second output (RTMP) goes to Facebook.

Ooyala offers integration with Facebook Live as a free add on. Check with your Ooyala representative to determine if your current Ooyala Live setup supports Facebook syndication.

During the channel creation process, you can log into your Facebook account and select the page to which you want to publish a live streaming channel. Your Channels page, when running, will display Facebook-related information, including the Facebook account name and page name. When your channel is in a stopped state, you can remove Facebook syndication, modify the Facebook account name and page selection, and set a duration to run an RTMP push to Facebook. You can also set the Stream duration (Minutes) to the length of time you want to publish to Facebook: The maximum is 240 minutes. This maximum is a limitation set by Facebook.

This feature is available for all channels created after May 31, 2016.

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