Ooyala Live Workspace Reference

This section explains the major features of the Ooyala Live user interface.

Workspace Pages

The top section of Ooyala Live contains tabs for navigating to several pages:


Use this page to add new schedules to create and manage your live and VoD events, and to view the schedules you have created. You must first create a schedule before you can create an event.


Use this page to record your live events for playback at a later date and view every event you have created. Events must be created within an existing schedule.


Use this page to add new channels and to view all the channels you have created.


Alerts are visible when you click the bell icon. Click on an event to view its details.

Filter Bar

You can filter your schedules, events or channels by using the bar on the left hand side of the page. The bar displays different filters depending on which page you are accessing, and is minimized on each page by default.

Each filter is represented by an icon. However, you will not be able to access the filter if the icon is greyed out. Click the first icon to access all the available filters.

Channel Types

You can filter schedules by the types of channels they contain.
  • 24x7: channel with a continuously running stream (for example, Linear TV)
  • ad-hoc: filter based on events only
  • custom: custom filter

Event Filters

You can filter schedules by the types of events they contain.

Date Filters

You can filter the events by the date, so you can see all the events which occurred, or will occur, during a specific time period.

Select the start and end dates by clicking the text box. Two calendars appear: select the start and end dates. The events are filtered to those that occur during the specified time period.


You can filter events by their state:
  • Deleting: the event is being deleted
  • Error: the event is in an error state
  • Pending: the event is pending
  • Running: the event is currently running
  • Setting Up: the event is being set up
  • Starting: the event is starting
  • Stopped: the event has stopped
  • Stopping: the event is stopping


You can filter events according to the schedules containing those events available in the drop-down menu.


You can filter events according to the channel from which they originate. Select the channel from the drop-down menu.

Channel Filters

You can filter channels by type and status.

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