About PlayReady for Mobile Apps (Disabled)

Note: Ooyala integration with the Playready DRM for mobile apps (Discretix variant) has been disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.

PlayReady is a DRM technology by Microsoft, used to protect premium content from being viewed without a valid license.

Ooyala provides support for PlayReady HLS to meet the content protection requirements for high-quality content on Android and iOS devices. PlayReady is supported in the Discretix variant and is only compatible with players that support this variant. This support includes the following comprehensive content protection features that work together to secure content:

  • Content Authorization through the PlayReady integration
  • User Authentication using the Ooyala Secure Player Token
    Note: For information about setting up and using this feature see Ooyala Player Token.
  • Authorization APIs to manage authorization requests
    Note: For more information about the Authorization API see Player Authorization API for Player V3.
For more comprehensive information about securing content, see the following support topics:

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