Embedded Parameters in Player V3 (Deprecated)

Embedded parameters are contained in the body of the DIV container.

Note: Ooyala Player V3 has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.
You add these parameters to the player embed code within the DIV container. These parameters include CSS styling such as width and height and ad service tags as passthrough parameters to the Ooyala Player for advanced ad tracking and targeting. The embedded parameters include the following. This is only a partial list. For a complete list, see Player V3 Query String Parameters (Deprecated).
Parameter Description
enableChannels Enable loading Flash videos in Channels mode. This parameter provides backwards compatibility for channels. Default is false.
initialTime Set an initial time in seconds to start playing content at a specific point. This parameter can be used to enable seeking for iOS-based devices.
locale Set or override the language and closed caption options.
encodingPriority Configuration parameter used to determine which of the supported plugins and encodings to use. Valid values are:
  • hls
  • mp4
  • webm
  • rtmp
  • audio
  • smooth
  • faxs_hls
  • wv_hls
  • wv_wvm
  • wv_mp4
  • hds
  • akamai_hd_vod
  • akamai_hd2_vod_hls
  • akamai_hd2_vod_hds
  • dash
Player V3 Embedded Parameters for Ads (Deprecated) Pass ad server tags to the Ooyala player.

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