Ooyala Live Release Notes

Ooyala Live v2.8.0 (2017-Mar-29)

Ooyala Live now supports live syndication to Facebook, Twitter's Periscope app, and the Twitch app.

Live Video Syndication to Social Media

  • Facebook

    Ooyala Live has simplified streaming live video on Facebook. Without stopping the channel, users can update the title and description, log in to different Facebook accounts, and change the Facebook page being used for syndication.

    Important: Be sure to logout of all Facebook accounts on the browser you are using for Ooyala Live before starting syndication. You can get stuck in an authentication error loop.

    For details on how to stream live video from Ooyala Live to Facebook, see Syndicate Live Video to Facebook.

  • Periscope/Twitter

    Ooyala Live now supports syndication of live video to Twitter's Priscope App. For details on how to stream live video from Ooyala Live to Periscope, see, Syndicate Live Video to Periscope.

  • Twitch

    Ooyala Live now supports syndicaton to the Twitch live streaming video platform. For details on how to stream live video from Ooyala Live to Periscope, see Syndicate Live Video to Twitch.

Known Issues

Running Multiple Facebook Accounts and Syndication

When accessing multiple Facebook accounts from the same browser used for Ooyala Live, you can get an error condition that won't allow you to start syndicating to Facebook.

  • Error Condition:

    • Facebook syndication has been configured on a channel for a specific Facebook account.
    • Syndication to Facebook is stopped.
    • You log in to a different Facebook account on the same brower that Ooyala Live is running.
    • You try to start syndication to Facebook.
    • A flashing error message is displayed.
  • Corrective Action:

    • Log out of any Facebook session on the browser that is running Ooyala Live.
    • Refresh your browser.
    • Start Facebook syndication.

Ooyala Live v2.7.0 (2017-Feb-09)

New Features and Enhancements

In addition to many infrastructural improvements to performance and stability, this release provides the following added feature:

  • Easy Encoding Location Migration Previously, in order to change the encoder region of a channel, you had to create a new channel. With this release, you can contact your Ooyala technical support and quickly change the encoder region of a channel to another one of the same type. This means that if you are having connection issues to the encoder region, Ooyala technical support can simply stop the channel and move it to a different encoder region. If you have lost access to a Tokyo encoder region, you can quickly change the channel to use a Seoul encoder region instead. Contact your Ooyala account manager help setting up this new capability.

Ooyala Live v2.6.0 (2017-Jan-12)

New Features and Enhancements

Segment snapping when trimming Live to VOD

For customers editing live streaming content for VOD, previously, when a Live to VOD video was trimmed, the UI let them set trim values to the second. This gave the impression that the VOD platform would accept trim values to that accuracy, which it does not. Now, trimming snaps to the segment boundaries of the associated Live channel's encoding profile. This new feature is automatically applied when you trim video content.

To modify a channel's encoding profile (often 6 or 10 seconds), contact Ooyala Support.

Notifications Improvement

For monitoring their channels for alerts on channels with Ooyala Encode and Ooyala Package, Ooyala Live has a new channel status called 'alerting'. This status is activated when there are any alert conditions. This new feature is automatically applied. You do not need to modify a channel's profile.

Live Channel Alerts

Alerts are captured from Encoder and Packager and displayed in the notifications area. When the alert is resolved (automatically or by human intervention) the channel returns to 'running' state.

Typical alert conditions could include:

  • Problems with Encoder input or output
  • Problems with Packager input or output

This feature facilitates improved debugging. Further debugging information has also been added to email notifications. In case of an issue, provide the debugging information in the email to Ooyala Support.

Known Issues

  • When filtering events by On-Air state or Off-Air state, the results returned might not be accurate.
  • On the Events page, when you select a different date range, pagination for the events does not work.
  • For a trimmed asset, the event start and stopped times do not match the event duration while the event is in Stopping, Off-Air state. Duration will be correct when the event reaches Stopped, Off-Air state.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.5.1

New Features and Enhancements

  • A hotfix has been added to ensures that slates are available on new deployments after a customer initiates a credential swap.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.5.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • The UI has been modified to improve the user experience for setting the start and endpoints for clipping.
  • When there are more than 20 search results for videos and you scroll to the bottom of the current results, the window displays additional results. The preview image of the first video in the list becomes the preview image for the playlist. The videos appear on the Playlist Details page.
  • Prefetching ads is now enabled for all users

    As with any platform, Ooyala Pulse maintains a specific capacity at any given time. Once the max limit of ad requests per second is reached, ads might not be returned during ad breaks to viewers.

    Prefetching makes those requests in advance helping to prevent your ads from bottle-necking during high-capacity periods. Ooyala Live holds those requests for a rolling 20 minutes, and then schedules a new pre-fetch.


    There is no extra charge for prefetching.

    Prefetching is only available in Personalized Ad mode. A channel that does not use personalized ads cannot be changed to a personalized ad channel.

    For channels using Personalized ads that you have already created, you need to turn prefetching ON to use prefetching.

    To turn on prefetching:

    1. Change the state of the channel to “Stopped”.
    2. In the channel details, select Personalized Ads.
    3. Change the value for Ad Prefetch Mode to Auto or On.

    The following are the options available for Prefetching:

    • AUTO (recommended)- Ooyala Live begins prefetching for your channel only manages the number of prefetch requests to prevent them from exceeding the ad providers' request limits. This is important if you have a large number of consumers on your steaming channel.
    • ON - Your channel will always prefetch every 20 minutes whether or not is a high capacity period.
    • OFF - Ooyala never performs prefetching. During high capacity periods, your consumers might not see your ads.
  • The ooyala.log is no longer employed. It is replaced with the Ooyala Ingestion Log REST API (https://api.ooyala.com/v2/ingestion) that lets users search for log information based on various criteria. Currently, this API gives users the ability to filter ingestion log information by time period (basic and manifest-based users) or status (manifest-based user only). In the future, the API can be expanded to allow additional filtering options.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.4.1

New Features and Enhancements

  • A hotfix has been added to support legacy URLs if assers were created before Ooyala V4 Player integration.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.4.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • Real-time live clipping has been added to Ooyala Live. Clipping allows the customer to create frame-accurate clips. See Create Clips from a Live Stream for more information.
  • Under the Playlist tab, the Add videos to playlist search feature can now return more than 100 results. Scrolling to the bottom of the search results loads the next set of results.
  • Under Channel Details, the Clipping tab provides a slider to set the beginning and end of a clip. It also displays a list of the past three days of clips, including the clip's current status.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.3.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • You can now stream prerecorded videos from Ooyala Backlot. To do this, you create a playlist of videos in Ooyala Live, add videos to the playlist, associate the playlist with a channel, and run the channel. For more information, see Stream Prerecorded Videos.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.2.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • Third party ads are now supported with server-side ad insertion.
  • Channel Ad slate edit capability is now supported.

Known Issues

  • AES event archiving is not currently supported.
  • Discretix does not work with Elemental Delta 1.7.2.

Ooyala Live Release - Version 2.1.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • Ooyala Live uses a new logo. See Delivering Live Content for more information.
  • The Event Details page displays a new DVR Window field. This field displays the value of the DVR Duration Override field located on the Advanced tab of the Add Event dialog.
  • When Facebook Syndication is enabled, the Stream Duration (Minutes) defaults to 240 minutes; the maximum allowed by Facebook. Previously, it defaulted to 90 minutes. For channels that were created during previous releases, the Stream Duration (Minutes) still defaults to 90 minutes. However, you can change this value to 240 minutes.
  • Ooyala Player V4 can display Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) on the Channel > Monitor page.
  • Support has been added for Microsoft PlayReady (PR) content protection with Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) and Common Encryption (CENC), with playback support in Ooyala Player V4.
  • The Slates manager supports .mov files. For example, when you use Add Slate to upload a file, you can upload a .mov file.
  • When you use the Add Event dialog, the Enable Archive field is enabled by default. Previously, Enable Archive was not enabled by default.
  • Email notifications for channels, events, schedules, and errors are now supported. To enable email notifications, hover over your login name in the upper right corner of the Live window and select Notification Settings from the menu that appears. Then, in the Notifications Settings page that opens, add comma-separated email addresses and select the notifications you want sent. Finally, at the bottom of the page, click Update Notifications. The notifications feature will begin working within approximately 15 minutes.

Resolved Issues

  • To help fix an issue with public profiles being deleted, profiles can be reassigned while a channel is stopped. While a channel's Status is Stopped, on the Encoding page you can use Encoder Input Profile and Encoder Output Profile to select a different profile. Similarly, on the Packaging page, you can use Packager Input Filter Template and Packager Output Filter Template to select a different template.
  • Previously, the channel displayed duplicate listings for each output that had DRM enabled. For newly created channels, on the channel's Packaging page, the Output Format fields displays each output format once. Similarly, the Create New Channel dialog, on the Packaging Setup page, the dialog displays each output once. Channels that were created during previous releases may still display duplicate listings.

2016-07-01 Release

New Features and Enhancements

  • UI enhancements have been added for Channels, Events, and Schedules.
  • The user is now prompted to select an ad slate during ad channel creation.
  • RTP ingest is now supported for Ooyala Packaged Channels.
  • Event creation is now validated.
  • HLS with FairPlay DRM is now supported for Ooyala Packaged Channels.
  • DASH CENC with PlayReady is now supported for Ooyala Packaged Channels.
  • The user can now create and start events directly from the Events page.
  • Ad hoc channels will automatically stop if there are no upcoming events in the next 30 minutes.
  • The following Azure support has been added:
    • Live channel and event management.
    • DRM/Encryption:
      • Smooth stream + PlayReady
      • DASH CENC + PlayReady
      • DASH CENC + Widevine Modular
      • HLS + FairPlay
      • eHLS
    • DVR
    • Live to VOD
  • The archive limit for events has been increased to 8 hours.
  • Live to VOD support without ads has been added for Ooyala packaged channels.
  • Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) support has been added for Player V4 via the Player V4 SSAI Pulse plugin. To access the plugin, see Ooyala-hosted Player V4 Resources. For more information about SSAI, see Ooyala-Pulse Live Stream Integration (SSAI).

Resolved Issues

  • There were issues with enabling Facebook Syndication. Those issues have been resolved.
  • There were issues with encrypted HLS streams. Those issues have been resolved.
  • There were issues with the Akamai package channel creation page. Those issues have been resolved.

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue with Azure encrypted HLS streams. They may buffer excessively, causing streams not to play back smoothly.
  • VOD asset trimming on events created on Azure Live Channels is not working properly in either Auto START/STOP and Manual START/STOP.
  • MP4 File duration generated by Elemental Delta after the event ends is not accurate in comparison to the event duration that was originally selected.
  • Closed caption extraction and uploading to Backlot when performing Live to VOD with Ooyala Package channels is not currently supported.

2016-05-31 Release

Ooyala Live Release - Version 1.4.0

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes a new Ooyala-Facebook live integration (ooyala.com/facebooklive) that enables Ooyala Live customers to publish instantly to a Facebook page using Facebook's Live Graph API. Ooyala offers integration with Facebook Live as a free add on. Check with your Ooyala representative to determine if your current Ooyala Live setup supports Facebook syndication.

2016-05-13 Release

Ooyala Live Release - Version 1.3.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • The time-to-keep duration has been extended to 72 hrs for Elemental Delta.
  • The Stream Picker has been renamed as the Input Selector, is only displayed as needed, and only displays input tables that are needed.

Resolved Issues

  • There was an issue in which trimming duration did not display properly in production. This issue has been resolved.

2016-04-15 Release

Ooyala Live Release - Versoin 1.2.1

Resolved Issues

  • There was an issue where a non-admin user was unable to create a channel with Ad insertion. This issue has been resolved.

2016-04-04 Release

Ooyala Live Release - Version 1.2.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support has been added for HLS with Discretix PlayReady DRM.
  • The Live UI has been enhanced to display both input streams and output streams.

Resolved Issues

  • There was an issue in which for elemental-delta, the scheduled event transcoding time was incorrectly computed as the time required to transcode the MP4 asset. This computation has been corrected and is now computed as the length of the MP4 asset created by elemental-delta (the duration of the scheduled event).
  • There was an issue that occurred during Packaging Setup when creating Akamai and elemental-delta packaging channels. In such cases the DVR Settings did not properly display all possible options. This issue has been resolved.
  • There was an issue that occurred Packaging Setup in which the Channel Type did not properly display all possible options. This issue has been resolved.
  • There was an issue in which alerts from the encoder were not displayed. This issue has been resolved.

Known Issues

  • DVR does not work for HDS event streams.
  • Event lengths have a 4-hour maximum if Live to VOD enabled, and are limited to 8 hrs when Live to VOD is disabled.

2016-03-24 Release

Ooyala Live Release - Version 1.1.1

The following new features and enhancements have been implemented in this release of Ooyala Live:

  • For channels, support had been added for characters from additional language alphabets.
  • The user interface for the test channel page has been enhanced.
  • There was an issue in which channel creation was blocked. This issue has been resolved.
  • There was an issue in which ingest URLs for channels created before version 1.0.4 were not displayed. This issue has been resolved.

2016-03-17 Release

New Features and Enhancements

  • The Ooyala Live REST API Reference is now available. This will allow external services to perform create, read update, delete (CRUD) actions for events, channels and schedules.
  • Support has been added for eHLS with a key rotation option.
  • Support has been added for multiple network inputs for a single channel, providing input redundancy.
  • Channel stream versioning is now available, allowing you to use multiple encoders at different times but for the same channel.
  • Every time a channel is started it fetches the profile data. This allows you to update the profile for a channel without creating a new one. This applies to all channels created with Ooyala Live v.1.1.0 and later.

Ooyala Live Resolved Issues

  • There have been adjustments to the user interface for greater consistency and improved look and feel.
  • The 2GB file size limitation has been changed to 9 EB.
  • There was an issue in which DVR duration for events set by users was not propagating correctly. This issue has been resolved.

Known Issues

  • DVR does not work for HDS event streams.
  • Event lengths have a 4-hour maximum if Live to VOD enabled, and are limited to 8 hrs when Live to VOD is disabled.

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