FreeWheel Ads Embedded Parameter in Player V3 (Deprecated)

Note: Ooyala Player V3 has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.

You can pass FreeWheel ad-service-related tags to the Player with the embedded parameters using the freewheel-ads-manager parameter in your embed.

Note: Ads positions behave somewhat differently on desktop and mobile devices. At this time support for pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads varies by platform. To see what ad position are supported for each platform, see Ads Integration.

FreeWheel Parameter

freewheel-ads-manager - Use this ads parameter to pass FreeWheel ad server or network tags to the Ooyala player. The parameter takes a key value pair representing a FreeWheel URL.

The following sample web page shows a FreeWheel ad manager integration that passes additional page-level parameters in an HTTPS environment, for both Flash and HTML5.
Note: The values in the following non-working example are only used to illustrate how to use the freewheel-ads-manager. You need to replace them with your own profiles, ids, and URLS.
<script src='
OO.ready(function () {
  var videoPlayer = OO.Player.create('container', '1234Fakeoi5Xv3Dav6uuEIeVJto9Ju7R', {
    "freewheel-ads-manager": {
      fw_ad_module_js: "",
      html5_ad_server: "",
      html5_player_profile: "123400:exampleprovider_live_html5",
      fw_player_profile: "123400:exampleprovider_live",
      fw_mrm_network_id: 123400,
      // Parameters that should be set on each page on the actual site
      fw_site_section_id: "EXAMPLEVIDEO_EXAMPLEVIDEO_SHOWS",
      fw_video_asset_id: 123FAKE

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