Ooyala Live FAQ

Q: Can I add Facebook integration to an existing Ooyala Live channel?

A: Facebook integration can be added to all channels created after Live release 1.4.0.

Q: I may sometimes, but not always, want to stream to a Facebook page. Am I required to provide Facebook authentication each time I start the channel? Will I be able to stream to a Facebook page if I do not provide Facebook authentication?

A: When Ooyala Live starts a channel, it checks if it has the access token for the Facebook account associated with the channel. If not, Ooyala Live will prompt the user to sign in. Note that Ooyala Live does not store any Facebook account credentials.

Q: If the current 90 minute limit enforced by Facebook completes, what will happen to my Ooyala Live channel? If I am also using a player on my website using the other outputs of this channel, does that player die?

A: If a channel is set up to stream to Facebook, it only streams for the time scheduled (up to the 90 minute limit) from the channel start time. After 90 minutes, the channel will continue to run, but Ooyala Live will stop pushing the stream to Facebook.

Q: If the current 90 minute limit enforced by Facebook completes, the Facebook stream stops, but my other outputs continue to deliver content, how can I start another stream into Facebook? Must I stop and restart the entire channel?

A: Streaming to Facebook only begins when a channel starts.

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