2015-05-01 Release

Notable changes for this release include the Mobile SDK 4.1.0 release for Android and iOS.

Mobile SDK 4.1.0 Release for Android

Release 4.0.1 Released 4/15

Updates and Enhancements

The following updates and enhancements are included in this release:

  • Ooyala provides support for PlayReady HLS to meet the content protection requirements for high-quality content on Android and iOS devices. This support includes the following comprehensive content protection features that work together to secure content:

    • Content Authorization through the PlayReady integration
    • User Authentication using the Ooyala Secure Player Token
      Note: For information about setting up and using this feature see Ooyala Player Token.
    • Authorization APIs to manage authorization requests
      Note: For more information about the Authorization API see Player Authorization API for Player V3.
  • The VisualOn APIs now include a builder class with the following functions:

  • The VisualOn API now includes Add Buffering Start/End and Acquire Rights Start/End notifications.

Mobile SDK 4.1.0 Release for iOS

Released 5/1/15

Updates and Enhancements

The following updates and enhancements are included in this release:

The API is updated to allow the Closed Captions methods to be more easily modified. The following two properties are moved from OOOoyalaPlayer to OOOoyalaPlayerViewController:

  • closedCaptionsLanguage
  • OOClosedCaptionsStyle


The following issues are resolved in this release:

  • The player crashed when Widevine streams were played using encrypted loopback.
  • The player had intermittent scrubber issues with Widevine mid-roll ads using AirPlay.
  • All ad types had intermittent playback issues using Playready HLS.
  • FreeWheel VideoView events fired during pre-rolls ads instead of on content start.
  • The scrubber did not work during a replay of PlayReady HLS content.

Documentation Releases

  • Player V3 JavaScript API Parameters (Deprecated): Added a new table summarizing all query parameters and embedded parameters for the Ooyala V3 Player API.
  • The multi-feature samples located https://github.com/ooyala/code-samples have been updated to include fixes to PHP related errors. These samples are scheduled to be replaced with new and improved Ooyala code samples for Ooyala Player and other technologies.
  • The Player v3 API Reference at apidocs.ooyala.com has been updated to include the seek, pause, and play method descriptions. The documentation now notes that we advise developers to monitor the BUFFERED event when using the seek command.

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