Creating a Channel

Once a channel is created, you can add videos.

Note: Channels and channel sets are supported in Player V3 only.
Note: For more information about Backlot REST API commands, see the Backlot API Reference.

To create a channel:

Use POST and /v2/assets with the asset_type set to channel in the request body. The following example creates the "My Channel" channel.
[POST] /v2/assets{
   "name": "My Channel",
   "asset_type": "channel" 

Backlot returns a response similar to the following.

   "asset_type": "channel",
   "duration": 0,
   "name": "My Channel",
   "preview_image_url": null,
   "created_at": "2011-08-10T17:45:24+00:00",
   "embed_code": "dvNTVxMjrRktSlb5v",
   "time_restrictions": null,
   "updated_at": "2011-08-10T17:45:24+00:00",
   "external_id": null,
   "hosted_at": null,
   "original_file_name": null,
   "description": null,
   "status": "live"

Try out the code samples using your account credentials in the Ooyala Scratchpad. For information about using the Scratchpad, see Practice Making Requests with the Scratchpad. To launch the scratchpad, go to Ooyala API Scratchpad.

The channel is successfully added.

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