Create Clips from a Live Stream

You can create short clips from a channel while it is running, save them to Backlot, and optionally syndicate them to Facebook. This is a great way to share highlights or teasers from your live stream with viewers. To enable this feature for your account, please contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager.

The clips can be up to five minutes long. To do this, create a new channel that has clipping enabled, create the clips, and set up facebook syndication. Note that clipping is only supported in the following browsers:
Operating System Operating System Version Supported Browsers
Mac OS El Capitan Chrome: Version 54.X and OS
Windows Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

Chrome Version 54.X

  1. Create a channel.
    1. Ask Ooyala Support or Live Ops to set up your profile to enable "live clipping". Your list of profiles should include elemental_live_encoding and/or azure_packaging.
    2. On the Channels tab, click Add Channel.
    3. On the General Setup screen, for Packaging Partner, select Ooyala Azure or Ooyala Package, and click Next Step. For Facebook Syndication, you do not need to select Enabled. This setting enables syndication of the channel's live stream to Facebook Live. It does not affect syndication of clips to Facebook.
    4. On the Encoding Setup screen, for Clipping, click Enabled.
    5. On the Packaging Setup screen, for DVR Settings, select Limited.
    6. On the Packaging Setup screen, use Hours and Minutes to specify how much of the most recent live streaming content to make available for clipping. The minimum value is 5 minutes.
    1. After you click Create Channel, wait for the channel to start before continuing. With live clipping enabled, the setup process takes a little longer.
  2. Create the clips.
    1. On the Channels tab, hover over the new channel and click View Channel Details button.
    2. In the Channel Details screen, click the Start button.
    3. After the channel is Running, click the Clipping tab.
    4. Under the video preview, there are two horizontal lines. On the second line, slide the button to the point in the video where you want the clip to begin, and click the Set In button.
    5. On the second line, slide the button to the point in the video where you want the clip to end, and click the Set Out button.
    6. Click the Export button.
    7. Enter the Title and Description of the clip and click Submit. The Clipping tab displays the clip at the top of a list of the last three days of clips. You can see the status of the clip progress through the following stages on its way to your Backlot account: Creating, Uploading, Transcoding, and Completed. You can produce additional clips while the preceding ones are in progress.
    8. Optional: You can verify that the clip exists by logging in to Ooyala Backlot and clicking the Manage tab.
  3. Set up syndication This is an optional step.
    1. In Ooyala Backlot, under the Manage tab, add the following label: Ooyala_Live_Clip
    2. Click the Publish tab and the External Publishing sub-tab.
    3. In the External Publishing screen on the left, select Facebook and click the New button.
    4. Follow the instructions under Authorize Feed with Facebook.
    5. Under Select Content, click the Add Labels button, select Ooyala Live Clip and click another Add Labels button.

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