Syndicate Live Video to Facebook

Syndicate live video to Facebook without the need to enable syndication in Ooyala Live.

Before You Start

Here are some considerations about Live Syndication to Facebook:
  • You need to have an existing channel in Ooyala Live.
  • A channel must be stopped to enable syndication.
  • You can set up syndication to social media as part of creating a new channel.
  • It's a best practice to log out of all active Facebook session on the browser running Ooyala Live.

Facebook Tab View

Configure Facebook Syndication

  1. Log in to the Live UI.
  2. Click CHANNELS.
  3. Hover over the channel's type, and click VIEW CHANNEL DETAILS.
  4. Go to the SYNDICATION tab.
  5. Expand Facebook.
  6. Check Enabled.
  7. Click LOGIN.

    Facebook login

  8. Select an existing Facebook page, or create a new Facebook page.

  9. Click APPLY.
  10. Enter Stream Duration if you want a value less than 240 minutes.
    Note: The stream duration must be from 1 to 240 minutes. The default is 240 minutes.
  11. Click SAVE. Facebook is now configured. To start syndicating to Facebook, you need to start the channel and the Facebook syndication stream.
  12. To start the channel, click START in the upper left of your browser.

    Ooyala Live configures the channel for syndication to all enabled social media. This may take several minutes.
  13. Click the play button for Facebook, Play button. to start syndicating to Facebook.
    Important: Before starting Facebook syndication, log out of all active Facebook session on the browser running Ooyala Live.

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