Embedding an Asset

To make an asset available to viewers, you can embed a player on your HTML page.

To embed an asset:

  1. Log in to the Backlot UI. The Backlot UI opens.
  2. Open the MANAGE page. The MANAGE page opens with a list of content.
  3. Select an asset.
  4. Click the Embed tab.
  5. Select the encoding from the Size list box.
  6. To set the asset to automatically start, select the Autoplay check box.
  7. To set the asset to automatically repeat, select the Auto repeat check box (if applicable) (video assets only).
  8. Select the type of embed code from the list box. For Player V4, select HTML5 Embed Code. For Player V3, select Flash Embed Code, HTML(HTTPS) Embed Code, or Flash(HTTPS) Embed Code. If you use the Flash embed code, iOS devices will be unable to view the video. To ensure your video can be viewed on Apple devices, use the HTML embed code.
    Note: Audio assets can be only embedded using HTML5.
  9. Click Copy to Clipboard.
  10. Paste the content to where you will publish it. If you are publishing to HTML, make sure the content is within the HTML body element.

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