Changing the Metadata for the Mobile View

To improve the mobile experience, you can display the title, description, and metadata.

To change metadata:

  1. Open the web_example.php file.
  2. Navigate to the body.
  3. Change or remove the following title:
    <h1">Web example</h1>
  4. Make any changes to the title:
    <h1 id="video-title">Title </h1>

    The content of the element is ignored and will contain the content specified by the id attribute. For example, if your video has the title “My Awesome Skateboarding Dog Video” and you want make it appear as: “The Criterion Collection: My Awesome Skateboarding Dog Video” you would replace it with the following:

          <h1>The Criterion Collection: <i id="video-title"> Title </i></h1>
  5. Make any changes to the description:
    <p id="description">Description</p>
  6. Add any metadata. For example:
    <p id="director" class="meta"></p>
         <p id="release_year" class="meta"></p>
         <p id="rotten_tomatoes_rating" class="meta"></p>

    If the video does not have the specified metadata, the content will be blank.

  7. Make any changes to the layout of Discovery recommendations in the related_video_container class.
  8. Save the file and restart the server.

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