Player Rendering

This endpoint returns the rendered Player code to be displayed in an iframe on the host web page.

HTTP Parameters:

URI /players/{playerId}/embed
Content-Type text/html
Normal Response 200 OK
Mode Synchronous
Authenticated No

Request Query Parameters:

Parameter Required Description
token Yes Shared token used for authentication purposes.


An HTML document that renders the referenced video player. A series of matrix variables may be included as part of the embed URL as follows:{playerId}/embed;width=100;height=100

The parameters that can be specified as a matrix variable are specified by the objects found under player.config.instance that is returned as part of the player object obtained by calling /players/{playerId}.

An example of this is:

        "config": {
            "instance": {
                "functionality": {
                    "id": 0,
                    "name": "functionality",
                    "autoplay": "true",
                    "controls": "true",
                    "preload": "auto",
                    "loop": "false"
                "theme": {
                    "id": 0,
                    "name": "theme",
                    "progress-colour": "#34E95E",
                    "icon-colour": "#66A8CC",
                    "background-colour": "#C464CE",
                    "default-width": "100%",
                    "default-height": "100%"