Player Definition Plugins

These plugins enable you to publish and un-publish Players.

Ooyala Flex HTML 5


This Plugin is the default Player Plugin for creating Players in Mio. This Plugin is designed to be highly configurable so that Player behaviours and look and feel can be customised to meet the Users exact preferences. This Player Plugin supports the latest HTML5 Video technologies.

Options worth of note are as follows:

  • Plugins: A comma separated list of JavaScript plugins can be specified to add additional functionality to the Player.
  • Call to Action Plugin Options: It is possible to specify a "call to action" that overlays the Player, with a URL link.
  • Player Option: Specifiying optional key-value pairs to make available to the Player .

JavaScript Plugins

The following JavaScript plugins can be utilised:

  • calltoaction: Allows for the overlaying of a "call to action" URL
  • chapters: Enabled chaptering markers on the time line
  • timelinepreview: Supports a frame preview when rolling over the timeline
  • resolutions:  Allows for setting resolutions (SD, HD, etc.)
  • sharing:  Enables sharing the player with others and with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • relatedcontent:  Shows a related content panel

Note: These options must be specified as a comma-separated list.


Media options are used to specify the location of the media content to use.

  • Asset Context: Asset Context Syntax used to identify the Asset to use. For examples "./TRANSCODE[1280x720@25-2564k-main31]".
  • Mime Type: Optional mime Type specification. For example "video/mp4; codecs=avc1.4d001f,mp4a.40.2".
  • Validation Profile: Optional Validation Profile to specify supported media file formats.

Player Files

Player File options are used to specify template and supporting files.

  • Embed Template File: A  Velocity Template  used to define the embed code which is generated for the player. This will result in the embed code that ends up in a  Mio Publish  response.
  • Player Template File: A  Velocity Template   u sed to define the  player html that will be generated. This will be generated when a Player is returned as a  Mio Publish  response.
  • Supporting File: Additional files Published which are referenced by the generated html allows for skin and functionality overridding. This  allows for skin and functionality overridding.

Example Embed Template File:

<script type="text/javascript" src="$contentGetURL/mioplayer/scripts/mioplayer-embed.js"></script> #if ( $embedURL.startsWith("http://") ) #set( $embedURL = $embedURL.replace("http://", "https://") ) #set( $embedURL = $embedURL.replaceAll("[:][1-9][0-9]*", "") ) #end <div> <img onLoad='embedMioPlayer(this, { src: "$embedURL", width: "$width", height: "$height", center: true });' src="$contentGetURL/mioplayer/images/pixel.png"/> </div>


Field Value Explanation
Icon Plugin icon
Sub-type Player Sub-type of this Plugin
Classification Player Classification of this Plugin
Deployment Internal Whether the plugin is deployed inside Mio or within another product
Supports Configuration Whether this Plugin supports configuration
Supports Scripting Whether configuration supports Scripting
Scripting Context   What Mio Objects can be referenced from within the Scripting context
Undo Action   The Action required to undo this Action
Redo Action   The Action required to redo this Action
Compatability 5.x What versions of Mio this Plugin works for
Lifecycle Stable Maturity of this Plugin (Experimental, Unstable or Stable)


Field Field Type Mandatory Multiplicity Description
Player Instance Configuration complex   Configuration options for each player instance.
Auto Play boolean   Should the player start playing by itself?
Controls boolean   Should user controls be enabled?
Display Time boolean   Should current time and duration be displayed?
Poster Image boolean   Should an initial poster image be displayed?
Central Play Button boolean   Should an initial large central play button be displayed?
Loop boolean   Should playback continue in a loop?
Allow Fullscreen boolean   Should a button for fullscreen be provided?
Background Colour string   Background colour of player footprint - either a hex code e.g. '#000000' or 'transparent'
Plugins string   Comma separated list of plugins to include.
Call To Action Plugin Options complex   Configuration options for the Call To Action Plugin.
Link Text string   The text display for the link.
Relative Path string   The relative path to link to.
Player Option complex 0..* An option that will be passed into the player template.
Name string    
Value string    
Preferred Size complex   The preferred rendering size for the player.
Width integer   Preferred width of the player in pixels.
Height integer   Preferred height of the player in pixels.
Media complex    
Media Source complex 1..*  
Asset Context string    
Mime Type string 0..1  
Validation Profile Validation Profile (All) 0..1  
Player Files complex    
Embed Template File file    
Player Template File file    
Supporting File file