Option 1: Reference Scripts in an External JAR File

Step1: Add Maven Build target (pom.xml)

Ensure that the following maven build configuration is in your pom.xml file.

                           <!-- 2.8.0-01 and later require maven-compiler-plugin 3.1 or higher -->
                                  <!-- for 2.8.0-01 and later you must have an explicit dependency on groovy-eclipse-batch -->

You can then run the maven package command ( mvn package) from the command line, or use your IDE to run the build and generate an external JAR file:

Step 2: Configure Flex Scripting Action

The following steps outline the configuration for Ooyala Flex to execute custom scripts in an external JAR file:

1) Upload a JAR file containing the above class, to a shared storage accessible by the Ooayala Flex Job nodes (HTTP(S) also supported)

2) Create a new action

a. Action Type: Script

b. Plugin: External Script Action

3) Configure the action to point to the JAR file and PluginCommand subclass:

4) Set the Flex system property to automatically reload JAR file changes:

Option 2: Copy and Paste Scripts to Flex Action

1) Create a new action.

a. Action Type: Script.

b. Plugin: Groovy Script Action.

2) Copy the def execute() method into the script action: