These plugins suport the extraction of data.

Default Extract

This plugin supports the extraction of metadata. If the asset has a video stream, the plugin also supports the extraction of frames.


Field Value Explanation
Icon Plugin icon
Sub-type Extract Sub-type of this plugin
Classification I/O Classification of this plugin
Deployment Internal Whether the plugin is deployed inside Ooyala Flex or within another product
Supports Configuration Whether this plugin supports configuration
Supports Scripting Whether configuration supports scripting
Scripting Context job, asset, event * What Ooyala Flex objects can be referenced from within the scripting context. * Note: the event object is only visible in the context of an action running in an event handler.
Undo Action   The action required to undo this action
Redo Action   The action required to redo this action
Timeout   Whether or not to select a timeout
Auto retry   Whether or not to select an automatic retry
Compatibility 5.x What versions of Ooyala Flex this plugin works for
Lifecycle Stable Maturity of this plugin (Experimental, Unstable or Stable)


Field Field Type Mandatory Multiplicity Description
Extract Metadata boolean   Whether to extract metadata
Extract Frames complex 0..1 Whether to extract frames if the asset has a video stream
  • Approve Frames
boolean   Whether to set extracted frames as approved automatically
  • Set Master Frame
integer 0..1 Approve and set the nth extracted frame as master. If n is greater than the number of frames, the last frame is used.
  • Set Frames On Parent Asset
boolean   Set the extracted frames to the parent asset if it exists, otherwise set on the current asset.
  • Create Tiled Image
complex 0..1 Create images from the extracted frames. Individual extracted frames are discarded.
  • Title
string 0..1 Optional title for tiled image. Use %index for an auto-incremented title. Use %interval to include the time interval between frames if using Fixed Interval.
  • Tiled Image Output
complex   Specify output of tiled keyframe image; this might produce multiple tiled keyframes.
  • Frames Per Row
integer   How many keyframe images to keep in a row of tiled images
  • Number of Rows
integer   How many rows to produce in a tiled image
  • Image Format
boolean   The format for the resulting tiled image (JPG or PNG)
  • Keyframe Output
complex   Output format specification for each tiled frame.
  • Target Width (px)
double   Width of each frame tile desired. Ignored if Resize Mode = Fixed Height or Scale.
  • Target Height (px)
double   Height of each frame tile desired. Ignored if Resize Mode = Fixed Width or Scale.
  • Width Scale (>0.0)
double   Scale to be applied to each frame tile if Resize Mode = Scale
  • Height Scale (>0.0)
double   Scale to be applied to each frame tile if Resize Mode = Scale
  • Resize Mode
single option field   How keyframe should be resized
  • Fixed Number
integer 0..1 Number of frames to extract at equally spaced intervals
  • Fixed Time
complex 0..1 Fixed time in seconds to extract a frame (if Fixed Number not set)
  • Time
double   The time to extract in seconds
  • Time Range
double 0..1 Time range in seconds around specified time from which each frame should be extracted
  • Fixed Interval
complex 0..1 Extract frames at equally spaced intervals (if Fixed Number and Fixed Time not set)
  • Interval
double   Time interval in seconds starting from zero at which to extract frames
  • Maximum Limit
integer   If the interval specified would result in more than this number of keyframes, the interval will be adjusted (to a whole second value) to ensure this limit is met.