These plugins enable you to ingest assets into Ooyala Flex.

Default Ingest

This plugin supports basic ingest of media files into Ooyala Flex. The plugin supports retrieving a file and creating a new Ooyala Flex asset. If the file comes with a manifest file then the metadata will be extracted and associated with the new asset


Field Value Explanation
Icon Plugin icon
Sub-type Ingest Sub-type of this plugin
Classification I/O Classification of this plugin
Deployment Internal Whether the plugin is deployed inside Ooyala Flex or within another product
Supports Configuration Whether this plugin supports configuration
Supports Scripting Whether configuration supports scripting
Scripting Context job, asset, event * What Ooyala Flex objects can be referenced from within the scripting context.
Note: The event object is only visible in the context of an action running in an event handler.
Undo Action   The action required to undo this action
Redo Action   The action required to redo this action
Timeout   Whether to select a timeout
Auto retry   Whether to select an automatic retry
Compatibility 5.x What versions of Ooyala Flex this plugin works for
Lifecycle Stable Maturity of this plugin (Experimental, Unstable or Stable)


If the folder resource is specified, then the filesystem path is ignored. If the folder resource is not specified, then a filesystem path must be specified.

The variant options allow for specifying the variant type of the asset on ingest.

Field Field Type Mandatory Multiplicity Description
Disk File Id string   Unmanaged file object reference
Copy Source File boolean   If set to true copy from source file, otherwise move the source file
Folder Resource Resource (Folder)   The output file(s) will be placed in the specified folder resource
Filesystem Path string   The output file(s) will be placed in the specified server filesystem location
Reference Name string   Reference name
Variant complex 0..1 Specify the variant and optionally the metadata definition to set on the asset. If not specified, a default will be used if it has been configured.
  • Variant
string   The variant to set. This must be a valid configured variant name.
  • Metadata Definition
Metadata Definition 0..1 The metadata definition to set. If not specified, a default will be used if it has been configured.