Aspera Console Deliver

A plugin that allows integration with the Aspera console transfer resource. This plugin triggers and then monitors Aspera deliveries


Field Value Explanation
Icon Plugin icon
Sub-type Deliver Sub-type of this plugin
Classification Workflow Classification of this plugin
Deployment Internal Whether the plugin is deployed inside Ooyala Flex or within another product
Supports Configuration Whether this plugin supports configuration
Supports Scripting Whether configuration supports scripting
Compatability 5.x What versions of Ooyala Flex this plugin works for
Lifecycle Stable Maturity of this plugin (Experimental, Unstable or Stable)
Timeout   Whether or not to select a timeout
Auto retry   Whether or not to select an automatic retry


Field Field Type Mandatory Multiplicity Description
Transfer Name String   Aspera transfer name
Transfer Comment Text   Aspera transfer comment
Transfer Source Complex   Details about the transfer source
Source IP String   Source IP address

Source Port

Integer   Source port

Source EndPoint ID

Integer   Source EndPoint ID

Source User

String   Source Aspera user name

Source Password

Password   Source Aspera password

Source Path

String 1..* Source path
Transfer Destination Complex   Details about the transfer destination

Destination IP

String   Destination IP address

Destination Port

Integer   Destination port

Destination EndPoint

Integer   Destination EndPoint

Destination User

String   Destination Aspera user name

Destination Password

Password   Destination password

Destination Path

String   Destination path
Retries Complex   Details about entry retries

Enable Retries

Boolean   Enable retries


Integer   Number of attempts


Integer   Interval length in seconds
Delete Source Files after Transfer Complex   Source File deletion

Enable Delete Source

Boolean   Enable deletion

Delete Empty Directories?

Boolean   Delete empty directories?