Upgrade Instructions 6.2.0

Pre-Upgrade Checks

There must be no failed metadata merges or metadata merges in progress. If there are any failed metadata merges they will need to be cancelled via Flex Console.

Pre-Upgrade Tasks

Delete the following RabbitMQ exchanges/queues:

  • flex.metadata.exchange
  • flex.metadata.queue
  • flex.metadata.dlx
  • flex.metadata.dlq

Delete the following RabbitMQ exchanges/queues:

  • flex.metadatamerge.dlx
  • flex.metadatamerge.dlq
  • flex.metadatamerge.queue

Delete the following RabbitMQ queue:

  • flex.job.response.queue

Post-Upgrade Tasks

  • Publish is going to perform a data change on the MongoDB documents. It is highly recommend to do a backup of the publish database before the upgrade. This is going to require a re-index of Publish data in ElasticSearch (instructions).
  • Because the suggestion index has changed we require a full reindex of the Flex object data in Elasticsearch (instructions).
  • If you are not using Ooyala's flex-env ansible role (as this had a built in check) then please run the following SQL and ensure that resulting value >= 10,000


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