ActionProgressConfiguration Property

The actionProgressConfiguration property holds the action progress configuration.

	@ActionPlugin(uuid = "3ab237d4-0b19-4f01-8ded-396ee5444284", type = "smoke", plugin = "async-smoke-action", version = "1.0.4",
       actionConfiguration = AsyncSmokeActionConfiguration.class,
       actionProgressConfiguration = AsyncSmokeActionProgressConfiguration.class,

In the example above, the class (value of that attribute) must be a class that extends ActionProgressConfiguration. This class can override methods.

1) The ActionProgress class uses the execute() method, which is called periodically in order to obtain information on the progress of the job.

2) The ActionProgressData class holds data that can be used across the progress of the job.

3) The Flag class defines whether the data should be deleted from Redis upon completion of the job.

Below is an example of an progressConfiguration class:

ActionProgressConfiguration {

    public boolean getIsDeleteAfterTerminal() {

        return true;

    public Class<? extends ActionProgress> getActionProgressClass() {

        return AsyncSmokeActionProgress.class;

    public Class<? extends ActionProgressData> getActionProgressDataClass() {

        return AsyncSmokeActionProgressData.class;

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