Resolving Expressions in Job Configuration

JEF Action configuration to support expressions is in development for the next release. However, in 7.2.0 you can use a REST Endpoint available in Flex Enterprise to resolve manually the expressions in the Action configuration parameters.

In order to use this, the plugin developer must fetch the expression in the configuration parameters and resolve them using the REST endpoint from Enterprise, then swap the results back in the Action Configuration fields.

Note: Note: This process will be automated in 7.3.0.

Only the new spring based expressions introduced in Enterprise recently are supported, and not the legacy expressions.


API URL : - /api/evaluation
Method : POST
Body :

"context": "expression"

"results": {
"#{}": "13635",
"#{asset.mioObject.approved}": "false",
"#{asset.mioObject.description}": "description"

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