Ooyala Flex 6.0.1 Release Notes 2017-08-23

Issues Fixed

UDO tile - Long UDO name does not wrap

If a UDO was given a long name, this name did not wrap in the display.


The UDO name text now gets wrapped and displayed properly in the tile image.

Improved support for Metadata annotations and Asset Review Sessions

Review Session and annotation metadata instances could only be read and written to as a JSON in a script action.

Support has been provided for using the SDK Metadata model (tv.nativ.mio.api.model.internal.metadata.Field.java and its subclasses) and these properties are ignored while using the REST API.

Fix backward compatibility issue with the method UserDefinedObjectService.getUserDefinedObjects

Backward compatibility support for the UserDefinedObjectService.getUserDefinedObjects method was broken.


This method is now backward compatible.

What's New


We have added a new plugin - Azure Stream Publish. This plugin publishes a stream in an Azure asset.

Known Issues


Reindexing by account ID does not work.


This will be fixed in the 6.0.2 release.