Ooyala Flex 6.0.5 Release Notes 2017-10-18


Ooyala Flex 6.0.5 is a maintenance release to fix issues found in production.

What's New

New Functionality for sortBy Matrix Parameter

The sortBy matrix parameter has been extended so that you can filter assets by sourceTimestampIn and sourceTimestampOut for clips.

The asset endpoint can now sort by:
  • Duration
  • Size
  • Format
  • sourceTimestampIn
  • sourceTimestampOut
Deprecated api/actions?context=assets api endpoint

The api endpoint api/actions?context=assets, which was developed in 6.0.3, is now deprecated.

Instead, use the api/actions?context=type endpoint, which was developed to improve performance in 6.0.4.


Ability to sort by all columns in MAM Advanced search and also in quick search

All default columns are now sortable in the MAM advanced search and quick search list views. Sorting is controlled by selecting the table header.

Ability to sort quick search results by asset duration

Simple and advanced search results can now be sorted by asset duration. Sorting is controlled by selecting the table header.

Issues Fixed

Couldn't purge TS assets

Some assets could not be purged, but instead an error was displayed.

Resolution: All assets can now be purged.

Password reset event handler not working

When configuring the event handlers on an Ooyala Flex poc system for password reset and user enabled, the password reset event handler was not working. The user enabled event handler was working, however.

Resolution: The password reset event handler is now working.

Flex Publish - Job failed when republishing metadata image that was deleted

The metadata image that was deleted was not being removed from the list of images to be removed.

Resolution: Images are now deleted correctly.

Not able to log in when special characters\UTF characters were used in username

Usernames can contain all characters except "<", ">", "/", and "\". However, when a username was created using special characters apart from these, that username could not be used to log in, despite having the correct password.

Resolution: Usernames containing all characters except "<", ">", "/", and "\" can now be used to log in.

No valid process resource found

If a bulk upload of audio and image files was done, jobs that required resources failed with the message that no resource was available.

Resolution: Jobs now work as expected.

On B2B /api/assets endpoint, parentId matrix parameter didn't work

The B2B /api/assets endpoint documents a matrix parameter called parentId, which should filter the output based on the immediate parent of each asset. However, this had no effect on the result set.

Resolution: The following query performs the required filter:
Could not retrieve keyframes from REST call published on Azure location
An asset was published with keyframe and metadata image, any keyframe or metadata image was selected, and a GET call was requested. However, an error message was displayed, but the image did not load when the asset was published on Azure.

Resolution: Images are now loading as expected.

Some agency users were not being added to external user group

Some users added to Ooyala Flex by Booster were not added to the external user group. Users added manually were automatically removed from the group again.

When membership of the external user group was edited, the missing agency users were not displayed in the 'non-members' box.

Resolution: Users are now added to the external user group as appropriate.

Publish of segmented media to AZVS failed

The publishing of segmented media files to Azure Blob Storage failed with an error. There was no problem with non-segmented media files.

Resolution: Azure does not support moving the directory, so instead we now duplicate the directory on Azure and copy the files to it. Media are now published correctly.

Service crashing due to OOM prevented the merge from continuing after a restart

The metadata definition was updated by adding a new field in a system with a large number of assets (all associated with that metadata definition). This triggered a merge; however, due to memory settings, the merge service quickly ran out of memory and crashed. The second metadata merge instance did not pick this merge up, even after the first instance was restarted. The merge could only be resumed by deleting the associated row in the database (METADATA_STATUS table).

Resolution: The batch size was fixed to process 250 metadata instances per batch and due to that, hibernate was keeping all the metadata instances in session until the entire batch was complete. In the case of large metadata instances, this resulted in out of memory error.

The code is now updated to calculate batch size based on the number of metadata variables in the metadata definition. The batch size is now defined as number of variables to be processed in the batch, rather than number of instances.


Already executed publish action should not be shown in action list

The Publish action was showing in the action list, even though that asset had already been published. The action failed if the user tried to run it again. The Publish action should not be displayed in the actions list until the published asset is unpublished.

Resolution: The Publish action is no longer displayed in the actions list for assets that have been published.

Undo (Unpublish) actions should be selected based on the configuration

A publish action was created, and an unpublish action was provided for undo. This publish action was executed on an asset in MAM, then an unpublish action was executed on that asset. The unpublish action displayed all actions of type unpublish that the user had visibility for, regardless of what unpublish action was configured.

Resolution: The correct actions associated with the asset are now displayed.

Records count on listing page did not match with paging count

In Advanced Search, the number of records listed on the page was less than the specified number to be shown per page, although more than that number existed.

Resolution: The correct number of records is now shown.

Order change had issues first time in quick search

In a quick search, when the user tried to change the order of displayed results, the order change would not work on the first try.

Resolution: Order change now works on the first attempt.

Paging had issues first time

In Advanced Search, when paging was changed from the default value, then changed back, the change was not applied the first time, but was applied when keyboard focus was lost.

Resolution: Paging now changes correctly.

Date picker buttons should be available in every date picker in advance search

Date selection did not have the same format on all interfaces.

Resolution: The date picker now has the same format in all cases.

QCReport timeline no longer displayed

The QC timeline was no longer displayed in the user interface.

Resolution: The QC timeline is now displayed, following the enabling of QC Reports permission.

Updated REST template code to use templated URLs

Errors were displayed when passing certain URLs to the REST template.

Resolution: The code now uses templated URLs.

Managing Group Asset behaved differently in simple and advanced search

When a search was performed for the same group asset in both simple and advanced search, the page displayed when the asset was opened was different for the two searches.

Resolution: Both searches now produce the same result for the same asset.

Some assets not discoverable by quick search

Some assets without a proxy in MAM were not discoverable via a simple search for asset ID#, but were discoverable by advanced search.

Resolution: All relevant assets are now returned by simple search.

Playback Connection pool shut down error

The message Error: Connection pool shut down was displayed sporadically when pausing an asset while playing it back.

Resolution: This error message is no longer displayed.

Unable to un-publish from MAM

Assets could be un-published from Core, but not from MAM.

Resolution: Assets can now be un-published from MAM.

Known Issues - MAM

  • Some users are intermittently logged out of MAM without warning.
  • Occasionally, the advanced search search results table appears behind the left-side advanced search parameters panel, and can not be seen.


Service Version
flex-admin-app 2.0.456
flex-authentication-service 7.5.292 .1
flex-authorisation-service 2.3.315
flex-dataagreggation-service 1.4.377
flex-divarchive-service 2.1.325
flex-events-service 2.7.341
flex-fastobject-service 3.3.383
flex-forms-service 0.0.139
flex-imageproxy-service 3.2.301
flex-indexelastic-service 5.9.373.2
flex-mam-app 4.6.989.4
flex-metadatadesigner-app 2.2.917
flex-metadatamerge-service 2.2.359.2
flex-outboundtransfer-service 2.0.219
flex-publish-service 9.3.386.13
flex-reviewer-app 3.1.433
flex-searchelastic-service 4.2.488.2
flex-streamprocessor-service 1.1.101
flex-tag-service 1.0.732
flex-thesaurus-service 0.1.797
flex-webtransfer-app 7.0.526
flex-workflowdesigner-app 7.1.219