Ooyala Flex 6.1.2 Release Notes 2017-12-08


Ooyala Flex 6.1.2 is a maintenance release to fix issues found in production. We have also introduced clickable asset referencing in Forms, and support for external API lookup for metadata instance data.

What's New

Clickable Asset Referencing in Forms

We have added the ability to navigate within metadata definitions, through clickable asset referencing in Forms. This can be configured in the Metadata Designer, using the Asset field in the Objects category.

To find out more, please read the Creating a Clickable Asset Reference Link page.

Metadata Designer: External API Lookup Support

Ooyala Flex now supports external API lookup for metadata instance data. Please note that this requires custom client-specific implementations.

Note: These new backing stores cannot be used in Enterprise.

Issues Fixed

Forms: Unable to click on field name to begin typing in a single option typeahead field

The "sort by" parent index was causing values to be removed, because all values had the same parentIndex of 0.

Resolution: From now on we are using the sort by ID instead of the sort by parentIndex. This is because the children of multi-option variables defined as DATABASE/EXTERNAL_API backing store does not have a parentIndex.

Publish: Out of memory due to large hierarchies

Ooyala Flex Publish was running out of memory when hierarchies with large numbers of items in them were being created in environments.

Resolution: When member lists were being built using the public API, they were being filtered to display only those members which had been published. However, when this filter was applied we were loading a structure called "AssetMembership" that loaded the requested asset and members. Groups with member logs would load a huge number of assets into memory, causing Publish to run out of memory.

From now on, when we build this list of members, we only verify whether the members are published or not.


Service Version Notes
flex-admin-app 2.0.512  
flex-authentication-service 7.5.357.1  
flex-authorisation-service 2.3.370  
flex-dataagreggation-service 1.4.377  
flex-divarchive-service 2.1.436  
flex-events-service 2.7.411  
flex-fastobject-service 3.4.495  
flex-forms-service 0.0.283  
flex-imageproxy-service 3.2.356  
flex-indexelastic-service 5.10.508  
flex-mam-app 4.6.1464  
flex-metadatadesigner-app 2.2.1298  
flex-metadatamerge-service 2.3.424.1  
flex-outboundtransfer-service 2.0.310  
flex-publish-service 10.3.503.3  
flex-reviewer-app 3.1.554  
flex-searchelastic-service 5.2.680  
flex-streamprocessor-service 1.1.101  
flex-subtitle-service 1.0.182  
flex-tag-service 1.0.792  
flex-thesaurus-service 0.1.875  
flex-webtransfer-app 7.0.685  
flex-workflowdesigner-app 7.1.277