Ooyala Flex 6.1.3 Release Notes 2018-01-25


Ooyala Flex 6.1.3 is a maintenance release to fix issues found in production.

Issues Fixed

MAM: PM Workflows Starting in the AM Instead

Users were unable to schedule timed actions because the time was displaying incorrectly in MAM. MAM automatically uses the timezone that is set for the machine being used. This sometimes meant that workflows were triggered at the wrong time.   

Example: A user would schedule a workflow to launch at 4PM in the Schedule Date field, but the Schedule button would show the launch as being at 4AM instead.

Resolution:  The Schedule button now displays the correct time.


Service Version Notes
flex-admin-app 2.0.512  
flex-authentication-service 7.5.357.1  
flex-authorisation-service 2.3.370  
flex-dataagreggation-service 1.4.377  
flex-divarchive-service 2.1.436  
flex-events-service 2.7.411  
flex-fastobject-service 3.4.495  
flex-forms-service 0.0.283  
flex-imageproxy-service 3.2.356  
flex-indexelastic-service 5.10.508  
flex-mam-app 4.6.1464.1  
flex-metadatadesigner-app 2.2.1298  
flex-metadatamerge-service 2.3.424.1  
flex-outboundtransfer-service 2.0.310  
flex-publish-service 10.3.503.9  
flex-reviewer-app 3.1.554  
flex-searchelastic-service 5.2.680  
flex-streamprocessor-service 1.1.101  
flex-subtitle-service 1.0.182  
flex-tag-service 1.0.856  
flex-thesaurus-service 0.1.875  
flex-webtransfer-app 7.0.685  
flex-workflowdesigner-app 7.1.277