Ooyala Flex 7.0.3 Release Notes 2018-06-01


Ooyala Flex 7.0.3 is a maintenance release to fix issues found in production.

Issues Fixed

Metadata Merge service is skipping metadata instances

The Metadata Merge service was not merging all of the metadata instances correctly.

Resolution: The paginated loading of objects to be merged wasn't running within a transaction, which meant the paging logic broke. In order to fix this, we have made changes to the transaction settings. Metadata is now merged correctly.

Some assets with subtitles fail to appear in searches

The Fast Object asset endpoint would not work correctly if a media asset had subtitles associated with it. The endpoint would fail to retrieve technical metadata associated with the asset.

It was also impossible to index assets with subtitles. This problem was associated with the Index Elastic service.


  • Fast Object: The SubtitleFileDetails class was missing. This class holds the technical metadata for an asset. Without this class, the endpoint cannot retrieve the necessary technical metadata. We have added this missing class and it is now possible to return assets with technical metadata.
  • Index Elastic: We have added a subtitle context model and made changes to the dozer configuration file in the Index Elastic service. It is now possible to index assets with subtitles.

Unable to edit metadata in MAM

Users were unable to edit metadata associated with an asset in MAM.

Resolution: The issue was related to nested complex fields with multiplicities of 0..*. When these fields had a complex field containing a child complex field with a 0..* multiplicity, the sibling complex field was creating the wrong JSON while saving. We have carried out some refactoring in the Ooyala Flex UI Library, so that the end marker is not removed for nested complex elements.

Performance issue with increased workflow run time

There was an issue with a query that was running for a very long time, because the MYSQL query planner would choose the incorrect index for it.

Resolution: We have removed the join in the MIO_CONFIG table from the query. This will improve performance. This change will hint MYSQL to choose the correct index.

Metadata Merge fails when adding and moving a new child to a complex

Metadata Merge was failing when a new child was added to an existing complex variable, and then this complex variable was moved to new parent hierarchically.

Resolution:  Metadata Merge was trying to add an instance of the newly added variable. This was becuase this newly added variable was a child of the parent which moved hierarchically. It was failing, because the definition didn’t include this new variable at that time. In order to fix this, we have decided not to add this instance in the code for this type of child, because it will be added when we add the new instance of the parent.