Flex Media Platform 7.1.1 Release Notes 2018-08-10

This Ooyala Flex Media Platform release introduces new features and fixes previous issues.

What's New

Option to Lock Users in the Core UI

We have added an option that enables admins to unlock users in the user details screen.

Read more here.

Support for Object Variables in Metadata Searches

When you run a search against assets that have metadata definitions associated with them in Core, the system now shows object variables as part of these search results.

Tag Service: Tag Field Length Increased to 100 Characters

You can now create tags with a maximum of 100 characters in the Metadata Designer under the “Tag Collection” section.

Note: The following characters are not allowed in tags: % @ * ^ ~ , [ ] { } "

Web Transfer: Support for .meta and .prproj File Extensions

You can now upload files with a .meta and .prproj extensions to Web Transfer. Files with a .meta and .prproj extensions are classified as a text assets in Core.

Fixed Issues

Workflow Summary Panel is Inaccurately Reporting Workflows

Issue: The Workflow Summary panel in Core sometimes failed to correctly report the states of the running workflows. For example: it would report three workflows as "Completed" when one of these was in a "Failed" state.

Resolution: We have added the ability to decrypt the passwords from metadata using the Flex Media Platform SDK.

Password Metadata Field Type is Unusable

Issue: You can specify a field type called “Password” in the Metadata Designer. This field was not displaying correctly in the UI.

Resolution: We have added the ability to decrypt the passwords from metadata in Groovy scripts using the Flex Media Platform SDK

Web Transfer: Unable to Drag and Drop Files Inside the Metadata Form

Issue: Previously, when you tried to drag and drop a file into a file or image field in a metadata instance in the Web Transfer screen, the file would be incorrectly treated as an asset and uploaded to Flex.

Resolution: You can no longer drag and drop assets whilst editing metadata in the Web Transfer window. However, you can still drag and drop files into metadata fields.

FSP Integration: Video and Audio Codec Options Behaviour Changes

Issue: Previously, the default high-level options (such as bitrate and codec) were very generalized. The Flex Stream Processor automatically decided on encoding parameters if you did not specify them yourself.

Resolution: You can now pass advanced encoding parameters to further refine your output, in the form of a Codec option in audio and video files that use profiles. There is a set of options in the Flex transcode profile configuration that can be used to pass options. We have added the ability to use options properties set in a transcode profile in FSP.


"codecOptions": [ "-sc_threshold 0", "-level 3.1" ]

Known Issues

MAM: Secure Authentication in External Wizards and UDO Dashboards Not Supported

Newer versions of secure external wizards and user defined object (UDO) dashboards are not compatible with the v7.1.1. Only the previous versions of wizards are supported at present.

Tag Type Metadata Field

If you add multiple values to a Tag Type metadata field, Flex only saves the last tag that is entered.