Flex Media Platform 7.1.2 Release Notes 2018-09-11

Flex Media Platform 7.1.2 is a maintenance release to fix issues found in production.


Support for AWS Elemental Cloud Transcoder v2.12

AWS Elemental Cloud Transcoder v2.12 is now supported in Flex Media Platform v7.1.2 onwards.

Note: Elemental no longer supports Elemental Cloud Transcoder v2.9.2.

YouTube Publish Plugin Google API Updates

We have made changes to Ooyala Flex Media Platform to support the latest Google API version, v1.25.0.

Filter Asset Annotation Results in API Calls

We now support filtering of annotation results in the responses of API calls using the GET method with the ~/assets/{assetId}/annotations endpoint.

To filter annotation results, use the new type and ownerIds parameters in your API request, as follows:

  • ~/assets/{assetId}/annotations;type=comment - filter all annotations and return just the annotations of type MioTimelineComment.
  • ~/assets/{assetId}/annotations;type=image - filter all annotations and return just the annotations of type MioImageAnnotation.
  • ~/assets/{assetId}/annotations;type=metadata - filter all annotations and return just the annotations of type MetadataAnnotation.
  • ~/assets/${assetId}/annotations;ownerIds=<id_number> - filter all annotations and return just the annotations that have the requested owner ids. For example: ~/assets/${assetId}/annotations;ownerIds=27790,27791,27793

See the API reference documentation for more information and examples.

Fixed Issues

Fonts are Unreadable in Metadata Forms

Issue: HTML input fields displayed narrow fonts on metadata forms while in Edit mode on Windows machines, making the text very difficult to read. This was present in MAM, Reviewer, and Web Transfer.

Resolution: The UI library has been updated and the font now appears correctly in the UI.

Segmented Assets Unable to Play in Safari

Issue: Segmented assets were not playing in both the MAM and Reviewer applications.

Resolution: Safari natively supports playback for segmented (HLS) assets. We have made changes so that segmented assets play successfully in Safari.

MAM: Annotations / Temporal Metadata Comments not Displaying

Issue: When the browser was refreshed, existing annotations, temporal metadata, and comments were not present in the Comments section in MAM.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and annotations, temporal metadata, and comments now display correctly.

Web Transfer: Scrollbar Functionality in UDO Field is not Working

Issue: The scrollbar in user defined object fields in Web Transfer was not working correctly. When selecting a user defined object from a field, as part of the asset metadata, the scroll bar would scroll to the bottom of the metadata form, instead of to the bottom of the list of user defined objects. This meant that the complete list of user defined objects could not be viewed.

Resolution: This has been fixed and the scroll bar in the user defined object field now works correctly.

Review Sessions Fail to Complete when Opened from Core

Issue: Review Sessions were not completing when started from Core, due to an authentication issue.

Resolution: The Reviewer URL being requested from Core was incorrect. This has been fixed and Review sessions now complete successfully when accessed from Core.

MAM: Media Asset UDOs Won’t Display in Hierarchies

Issue: Media assets associated with user defined objects in MAM were not displaying in hierarchies.

Resolution: We have introduced a toggle to show / hide the loader. The loader will become visible when you click on a UDO tree item, to view its children.

Flex Publish: Image Proxies are not Displayed in REST Responses

Issue: Child proxies were not being included in the response, when returning the details for image assets in the Flex Publish API.

Resolution: Child proxies are now being included in the response for images assets in Flex Publish.

Known Issues

MAM: Secure Authentication in External Wizards/UDO Dashboards Not Supported

Newer versions of secure external wizards and user defined object (UDO) dashboards are not compatible with the v7.1.1. Only the previous versions of wizards are supported at present. This issue will be fixed in a future release.