Ooyala Flex Media Platform 7.2.2 Release Notes 2018-12-11


This release of Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides the new features, enhancements, fixes, and other changes listed below.

New Features and Enhancements

  • GCS storage support in FSP

    FSP performs various operations, such as extracting technical metadata and transcoding files. FSP supports these operations over files stored at GCS. We have now added GCS provider support using the Google GCS Javascript SDK.

  • Automatic login to apps if already logged in to IdP
    You can now access an application without entering credentials if you are already logged in via an application that is integrated with a SAML IdP, or the IdP itself. This allows for a smoother experience, since you are only required to log in once during a browsing session, but can access all the applications managed by the IdP.
    • Log in to the IdP.
    • Open a new web browser tab, and try to access any Ooyala application using its direct URL. You can access the app directly.
    If you are not already logged in to the IdP, you are redirected to the IdP login screen, rather than to the login screen for the app you are trying to access.

Resolved Issues

  • Copy asset in S3 failing

    Issue: The workflow to copy an asset failed at the “Copy Asset” step, with an error.

    Resolution: The workflow no longer fails.

  • Issue with metadata search in Flex Core

    Issue: Searching on a metadata field in Flex Core failed with an error message when the search query contained a sortBy filter.

    Resolution: We have updated the Search service and the issue is now resolved.

Known Issues

  • SAML Authentication: User is asked to log in to Auth0 despite already being authenticated

    After a user has already authenticated with Auth0, when they navigate to the MAM app URL directly, the user is asked to log in again in Auth0.

    Note: This issue is specific to the use of Auth0 as the IDP for SAML authentication.

Please contact your Ooyala representative for the full upgrade notes, further information about this release, and the complete list of resolved issues.